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Achamian [Spoiler] posted 13 Feb 2006, 07:02 by kremen, Commoner

Hi there, new reader [as of the past month, read the first two books] and caught a little snippet that I wanted to ask about. Now, I tried a search on a subject like this and didn't find it, so I'm sorry if this has been covered before: Achamian's quotes in the books come from the "Compendium of the First Holy War" (don't have the books in front of me right now). Now I suppose this was a great way to let us all in on "hey, he's going to survive the trilogy" without saying just how he would do so, but it just struck me that normally people use as few words as possible to reference things commonly... As an example, The War on Terrorism in Iraq is referred to as simply Iraq. Or World War I was for a while just "The War" or "The World War". So, does the title ("First") of the book imply that Achamian actually survives a second holy war [perhaps the Second Apocalypse] or am I reading too far in? view post


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