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posted 18 Feb 2006, 00:02 by Linnea, Candidate

Hi again, Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions everyone.I thought the Consult were showing some "gaps" in knowledge and the reason is interesting.I find the Inchoroi fascinating and was impressed with Scott`s ability to depict them. Despite Aurang appearing as a man when visiting Esmi he [felt] quite alien,as if not quite human impulses and thoughts were expressed through a human form.Not only that something human was lacking but that something "other" was present,if that makes any sense. One of the things that interested me about the PoN in the first place was the blend of sf and fantasy elements. I feel that it diffuses the nature of Earwa and creates a greater ucertainty about the "paradigm of thought" that it`s built upon. Some ideas seem more often expressed in sf than fantasy and vice versa so it`s nice to see them interact(even though I have to come to this board and read people`s discussions to understand what the interacting ideas actually are) :? . As for Conphas,that`s just the price you have to pay for writing good books Scott! And I still have Akka and Iyokus to cheer on in tAP, though judging from the spoilers I read, probably not at the same time :) . view post


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