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NLP posted 29 Jul 2006, 10:07 by Iago, Candidate

howdy folks! i know i'll get what i deserve by even asking this question, but you never know, there might be a pearl in this pig-pen! so, here goes: have any of you done a study of neuro-linguistic programming? if so, did you notice a marked increase in your ability to manipulate people? i just picked up an introductory book on the subject, but it's not something you can just read once and incorporate into your toolbox. For someone of my limited intellect, I am going to have to treat it as a serious course of study that requires lot of practice before I "get the hang" of making people think what I want them to. Nobody said that becoming a magician of rational thought was going to be easy, but before I commit the time and energy I just wanted to know if somebody here had seen results. i'm thinking of scouring the internet for "slight of mouth" before cracking open my book, but only because like all dark-side-of-the-force adherents I would prefer the quick and easy path. If I can't find it soon I'm going to actually have to study instead of learning tricks! damnit! anyway, your thoughts on and experience with the subject might be interesting to me, even if you used NLP for "self-development" instead of influencing others (shudder, did it just get cold in here?...) view post

posted 29 Jul 2006, 10:07 by Primal, Peralogue

I'm not familiar with neuro-linguistic programming but I am familiar with newbie syndrome. Once, when I was a relatively new forumnist not too long ago, it didn't occur to me to check the dates of some topics on discussion. Of course, nothing really wrong with reviving the dead. =] view post

posted 29 Jul 2006, 14:07 by Iago, Candidate

[quote="Primal":3hqjrge4]I'm not familiar with neuro-linguistic programming but I am familiar with newbie syndrome. Once, when I was a relatively new forumnist not too long ago, it didn't occur to me to check the dates of some topics on discussion. Of course, nothing really wrong with reviving the dead. =][/quote:3hqjrge4] newbie syndrome? is that kind of like the guys in mmorpgs who get off running around calling people newbs? such fond memories of world of warcraft, isn't the expansion coming out soon!? i guess i could have just not contributed at all, or even better, created a new post that was already covered in a previous thread, so some other guy just as clever as you (newb! haha! that was sooo good!) could come along and reply with a link to the thread and probably call me a........ wait for it...... NEWB! oh ho ho! that was so clever [snicker snicker]! and for all the value of your sagely calling me a newb, i didn't recall anything from your post about NLP (other than your ignorance). of course, nothing really wrong with lame off-topic posts. or is there... view post

posted 29 Jul 2006, 18:07 by Virus, Candidate

Stop posting. view post

posted 30 Jul 2006, 14:07 by Scilvenas, Auditor

Yeah, 'cause the forum's just been so damn busy these days, the last thing we need is [i:1w2ei5ui]old[/i:1w2ei5ui] stuff to talk about, much less new members that want to start a conversation. God, the only thing worse would be Scott coming back to answer more questions. Excuse me while I try to focus on the calming black screen, enjoying the occasional spam.[/sarcasm] I've read up on NLP a bit... back in the day. Don't remember much about it, though. Most scientists consider it 'junk science.' *shrug* I'd think fans of a character like Kellhus would be drawn to it, though. view post

posted 30 Jul 2006, 16:07 by Iago, Candidate

i actually found dilts' "slight of mouth" and am working on it, but i'm going to read the intro to nlp book i got anyway, if for no other reason than I already paid for it. i would have thought PoN fans would take an interest in NLP also. maybe when more of them find out what it is they will give it a try. you just have to get past all that self-development/modeling excellence crap and stick to the meat and potatoes (influencing people). i'm more of a conphas fan myself, but on my current job (i'm a defense contractor) I don't have access to MTV and E! Television (before you laugh, ask yourself if there is a better way to see our equivilant of jnan in use), so NLP will have to do. It's probably better for use in a professional enviornment anyway, while manipulating our language MTV/E! style would get more use in social situations. view post

posted 30 Jul 2006, 22:07 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

I haven't heard of NLP at all so have never read up on it. There might be something to it, manipulation is an art form really although I find its overt and deliberate use distasteful on a personal level. view post

posted 31 Jul 2006, 05:07 by Primal, Peralogue

Iago, don't be so touchy. Your hostilities kinda baffled me at first, but then I realized people can be offended by the use of the word "newbie". In the context of what I was saying it wasn't meant to be derogatory. Notice I even referred to myself. I was trying to be lightly sarcastic and humorous, and I even added a smile at the end. Why would I add a smile? I ain't gonna be a dick for no reason. Shit, man... Anyway, welcome to the board. That's what my off-topic comment is essentially saying. view post

posted 31 Jul 2006, 06:07 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

[url:ne9r3lxg][/url:ne9r3lxg] Wikipedia has a good article on NLP and it seems to have a good explanation something I will look into. view post

posted 31 Jul 2006, 06:07 by alhana, Auditor

Very intruging bit of information. On the surface, however, it really appears to be nothing more that good psychology. The disciplined mind that is able to affect cognitive change in those that one comes in contact with sounds a lot like Cognitive-Behavior Modification 101 to me. Intuition and the ability to use verbal communication to effect behavioral change is really not that new. Some people seem to have a natural gift for it and they often are people who have had little or no formal training. With formal training, a specialist can make thousands of dollars in teaching others to change not only their own "stinking thinking" but manipulate those around them in order to avoid chemical dependency relapse, overcome phobias, or even lose weight. There are a number of in-depth trauma therapies, such as Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) that utilize both verbal cues as well as external stimulus of the brain (sound, eye movement, and touch) to "reprocess" the bad memories that get stuck in the brain causing nasty flash backs, blackouts, and even violent aggressive reactions to confrontation. EMDR has been well funded research for "curing" soldiers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the long-term studies have shown amazing results in reducing or eliminating both physilogical and psychological effects of trauma. To be able to help a person recover from such a daily devastation of nightmares and uncontrolable panic attacks without the aid of medication is almost a miracle in itself. It seems that NLP is a modality that can be use by anyone anywhere, preferably with a "healthy" brain to affect daily manipulations of one's social environment. Of course the scope of claims of NLP being able affect the experience "parapsychological phenomena such as ESP" or affecting "body and lifestyle change such as breast enlargement and finding sexual partners" might be on the outer reaches of mind/body connection. Given the fact that the brain is the most studied organ that we know the least about in terms of HOW it does what it does, anything is possible. view post

posted 04 Aug 2006, 06:08 by Iago, Candidate

alhana, i don't believe many of the claims of NLP either, and as far as it just being good psychology, even being aware of that doesn't negate it's potential usefulness. A cursory reading of some basic NLP material I have has already pointed out some forms of verbal communication that are not effective for what is presumed the speakers desired outcome. THAT is the real essence of what I am after, the exact use of language ABOVE AND BEYOND what an average-above-average-intelligence-person (i love that label) could do just armed with natural wit and sensitivity to the other person. I'm looking for an arsenal, a toolbox, and I think (so far) that NLP might be able to deliver. view post


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