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Definition of AWESOME posted 12 Sep 2006, 18:09 by Anonymous, Subdidact

Have you read anything else besides fantasy. I would like to reccomend something that is genuis in its own genre. Its called 20th Century Boys by naoki urasawa, Its just Nuts hence his studio is called studio NUTS. Although you might say "manga thats for kids" heres my respomse this is seinen manga which means it targeted for a older audience. So give it a chance. If you are wondering how you can get it first goto and query "20th century boys" on the search bar to get the commands. Then you have to get mirc, I know your saying this is daunting and not worth your effort BUT it is. Scott I just want to see a hit from thats inspired from this manga. so okay, get mirc then with mirc logon to and then reg your logon name goto #help someone will help you there. Then finally join #lurk channel and place the the commands that told you. 1)a] get mirc b] configure DCC to auto accept files i}SHIFT+O--->scroll down--->highlight DCC--->choose auto get file, minimize and RESUME 2) logon to 3) register your logon name 4) join #lurk channel 5) goto 6) query "20th century boy" on search bar 7) copy paste command on command line or you can just copy paste this /msg mirrors xdcc send #36 or /ctcp mirrors xdcc send #36 heres a index of 20th century boys Mirrors # 36 2062x 43M 20th_Century_Boys_v01[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 37 1598x 38M 20th_Century_Boys_v02[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 38 1503x 41M 20th_Century_Boys_v03[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 39 1461x 40M 20th_Century_Boys_v04[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 40 1451x 41M 20th_Century_Boys_v05[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 41 1413x 40M 20th_Century_Boys_v06[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 42 1362x 40M 20th_Century_Boys_v07[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 43 1362x 46M 20th_Century_Boys_v08[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 44 1339x 44M 20th_Century_Boys_v09[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 45 1361x 39M 20th_Century_Boys_v10[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 46 1341x 41M 20th_Century_Boys_v11[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 47 1356x 42M 20th_Century_Boys_v12[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 48 1345x 41M 20th_Century_Boys_v13[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 49 1355x 43M 20th_Century_Boys_v14[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 50 1324x 43M 20th_Century_Boys_v15[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 51 1345x 38M 20th_Century_Boys_v16[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 52 1439x 41M 20th_Century_Boys_v17[Hawks-MS].zip Mirrors # 53 1878x 51M 20th_Century_Boys_v18[Manga-Heaven].zip Mirrors # 54 1831x 47M 20th_Century_Boys_v19[Manga-Heaven].zip Mirrors # 55 1587x 51M 20th_Century_Boys_v20[Manga-Heaven].zip Mirrors # 56 340x 51M 20th_Century_Boys_v21[Manga-Heaven].zip Laterz, SPILT_MILK Im just sharing th wealth PS if you know anything thats grounbreaking like The Prince of Nothing Trilology, Catcher in the RYE & The 20th Century Boys Manga tell me view post

Re: Definition of AWESOME posted 24 Jun 2008, 05:06 by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

I saw the title and thought this entire thread would be about Negura Bunget... I am most displeased. view post

Re: Definition of AWESOME posted 24 Jun 2008, 07:06 by Curethan, Didact

Can't I just get it from mangashare? view post


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