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The appearance of the Sranc? posted 22 Jun 2004, 22:06 by Scytale, Commoner

Hi Scott, We came across a few Sranc in The Darkness that comes Before, but I can't recall if we're given any hint about what they look like, excepting the fact that they leave an unusual print in the snow. I'm currently half way through The Warror Prophet - damn, Kellhus is an interesting character! - and the character of Sranchammer and his shruken Sranc heads has come up a few times. Can you give us an idea about what the Sranc look like? I've got it into my head that they're kind of reptillian looking, but I have no idea why. Are you able to elaborate on their general appearance? Also, this one's probably a no-go area (seeing as we've currently met only one), but can you gives us an idea about what Nonmen look like? Finally, any chance you can get TTT out soon? :wink: Waiting the best part of a year to find out what happens is going to be a nightmare! :( view post

posted 23 Jun 2004, 13:06 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Hi Scytale. There are some references to the Sranc in TWP, but I think the most 'thorough' remains the one given in the prologue of TDTCB, where they are described - if I remember aright - as 'dog-chested and inhumanly beautiful.' One of the things I like doing (and I've had more than a few of my readers curse me for it!) is allowing the story to slowly fill in the more enigmatic background details, with the idea of having the picture relatively complete by the end of PON. The Nonmen (and Bashrag), for instance, find themselves described in the beginning of TTT. view post

posted 10 Aug 2004, 03:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

excellent, cuz the image i formed of the Sranc is like this wierd human/wolf micture, more human then werewolf, but still, very animalistic in insticnt and manner. ahhh I just love the way you write, everything comes in time, ( its just the time in between everything falling together that is the killer) view post

posted 10 Aug 2004, 04:08 by legatus, Auditor

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":2ugau83d]The Nonmen (and Bashrag), for instance, find themselves described in the beginning of TTT.[/quote:2ugau83d] I've been visualising Nonmen simply as men throughout the first two books, contrary to the fact that their very name implies that they're likely to look otherwise, so I'll definitely be looking forward to reading their description. As for the Sranc, I've been grappling with how to approach modeling them for a while now, and the slow pace of filling in such background details like their appearance is making it an [i:2ugau83d]interesting[/i:2ugau83d] process to say the least. I think I'm just going to throw myself into my favorite design candidate so far and deal with the inevitable design flaws when more detailed descriptions show up in later books (at which point I'll likely start joining those cursing you :P). My current visualisation of them consists of somewhat amphibious, streamlined facial features, with large eyes and deceptively weak jaws, which will hopefully create an aura of innocence, youth and a serene, alien sort of beauty... until they open their mouths impossibly wide, bearing row after row of serrated fangs, and their faces contort into masks of anger, hate and threat. The dog-chested description makes me think they may end up being more mammalian in nature, but I can't shake the reptile / amphibian image of them I have in my mind. I suspect it might be because I secretly want to nickname my Sranc model "fishface," but I'm not entirely sure. I should probably just go back to modeling my rendition of a Synthese though, since I'm fairly confident my vision on that count won't be off the mark by too large a margin, leading to the need for many a revision ;) view post

posted 10 Aug 2004, 23:08 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

What sort of modeling do you mean? If you are talking CG, we can host your models here on the site. view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 04:08 by legatus, Auditor

Highly amateurish CG ;) Most of the models I've made have been low poly orcs or character heads for use in games I've been playing, but I've been thinking about going for a much higher poly count with my PoN character attempts and let the models themselves show the fine detail rather than the textures. A complete, photorealistic scene would be ideal, but I'd be happy with a nicely detailed character model, since it's a little more in line with my skill level. Either way, I also tend to move at an amateurish pace, so it'll be a good long while before I have anything worth hosting anyway. view post

posted 16 Aug 2004, 18:08 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

Well, the moment you do give me yell and we'll throw them up somewhere. view post

posted 17 Aug 2004, 08:08 by Damaen, Candidate

this thread brings about a nice point. I'd love to see a time-line for everything the books discuss, from the battles of old to the end of thr first book. you know, im going to make a fan page. i have insane html skillz (i tell myself i do, so it must be true). maybe i'll do it. University isnt as all-encompasing as it used to be anyway lol. Damaen grants himself +4 geekiness view post

posted 17 Aug 2004, 13:08 by Adres, Candidate

When I first read of the Sranc, in the TDTCB prologue, I imagined them as dark red demons with long and twisted horns... very similar to the evil lord of "Legend" the '80 fantasy movie with Tom Cruise (anyone remembers it? :D ). Then I remained amazed when Anasurimbor meets them in the winter forest, and mr. Bakker (unfortunately) give us only some hints on their appearance, because that demon shapes remained locked to my mind. The most intriguing thing is that they have an animal behaviour and are inhumanly beautiful at the same time: it is a contrast that strikes the reader, I think. But what does it means that they have a dog chest? They have fur on their chest? They have not a human one but a quadruped breastbone? view post

posted 17 Aug 2004, 17:08 by legatus, Auditor

[quote="Adres":3137khv5]When I first read of the Sranc, in the TDTCB prologue, I imagined them as dark red demons with long and twisted horns... very similar to the evil lord of "Legend" the '80 fantasy movie with Tom Cruise (anyone remembers it? :D ).?[/quote:3137khv5] Remember it!? My avatar is none other than a model I started (and never finished) of the Lord of Darkness himself. Tim Curry was great in that role, and Darkness has been the bar against which I measure all other demons ever since :D [quote="Adres":3137khv5]But what does it means that they have a dog chest? They have fur on their chest? They have not a human one but a quadruped breastbone?[/quote:3137khv5] I'm not entirely certain, but I'm leaning towards the belief that Scott was describing the general shape of the Sranc torso with his dog chested description. Whereas a human chest tends to be wider than it is deep, a Srance chest would be markedly deeper than it is wide, so looking at one head on, you'd only get a slight V taper up from their waist to their shoulders, but from the side, you'd notice a thin waist tapering out into a very deep chest really quickly, like that of a dog. If that is indeed the case, I think the Sranc physiology might suggest that their arms are a fair bit longer than their legs, so that while they're bipedal for the most part and can walk around on their legs alone without any problem, leaving their hands free to wield tools and weapons, they're very likely to hunch over onto all fours while running. This would not only add to their animalistic persona, it would lengthen their stride and allow them to chase down prey faster than if they were running fully erect. I imagine the advantage of them being dog chested when it comes to this sort of locomotion is that the deeper chest would allow for more advanced, powerful chest musculature, which would in turn give them the ability to pull their arms down in a raking motion with more strength and speed than the average human. This would make them deadly in combat using a downward clawing, slashing or bashing attack, as well as add power to their running stride while on all fours. Of course, I could be entirely off the mark, but that's the impression I got from Scott's dog chested description at least. view post

posted 18 Aug 2004, 15:08 by Adres, Candidate

Your explanation is clear and extremely logical, Legatus. Thank you. And for your avatar... yes, now I've noticed the resemblance with the Evil Lord in "Legend"!!! view post

posted 18 Aug 2004, 18:08 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

If I'm ever in the mind for a long vacation, Legatus, I might just have to give you a call! :wink: view post

sorry posted 22 Jan 2005, 23:01 by ilana richardson, Candidate

i'm sorry. Truly truly sorry. But without the description which is kinda vague (guess we have to wait for book 3) my image of sranc was human body with a horses head, mane flowing and vicious teeth....... i'm such a loser :wink: view post


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