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Looking for new Moderator posted 15 Jul 2004, 09:07 by Wil, Head Moderator

Sovin and I agreed that once we got over one hundred members we would look for another moderator. We are opening this up to all members, however remember that we will take into account how long you've been with us, number of posts, and how many different categories you post in. I would like to invite all who are interested in the position to PM me (Wil) with a couple paragraphs why you think you would be a good moderator for our site. Thank you and I'm looking forward to your applications. view post

posted 14 Aug 2006, 20:08 by Anonymous, Subdidact

Where you get it??? view post

posted 14 Aug 2006, 21:08 by Nerdanel, Peralogue

That's just rich. For a moment I thought that someone with the power to do something about it had decided to respond to this site's spam problem, but no. The call for a new moderator was an ancient topic resurrected by a SPAMMER (probably automated and only coincidentally funny) surreptiously peddling some scum site. "Where do you get it?" Indeed, where do we get a new moderator? view post

posted 19 Aug 2006, 02:08 by Xray the Enforcer, Auditor

No shit. Somebody needs to come in here and clean out the spammy rabble. view post

posted 02 Sep 2006, 05:09 by bob_dobbalina, Commoner

tom discussed this in the unmoderated topic forum yesterday...[size=0][url=].[/url:1ay1rnrp][/size][size=0][url=].[/url:1ay1rnrp][/size][size=0][url=].[/url:1ay1rnrp][/size][size=0][url=].[/url:1ay1rnrp][/size][size=0][url=].[/url:1ay1rnrp][/size][size=0][url=].[/url:1ay1rnrp][/size] view post


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