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What area of writing are you good at? posted 20 Jul 2004, 04:07 by Grantaire, Moderator

Myself, I'm best at world-building, and then describing what's going on in a characters head. Not so good at description of people and the environment. view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 02:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I'm good at people and environment, but worlds and stuff im not so strong. view post

posted 19 Aug 2004, 02:08 by saintjon, Auditor

I'm really good at loading emotion into something. I'm bad at the actual act of sitting and writing lol. view post

posted 01 Sep 2004, 00:09 by Scarred, Candidate

I was best at describing detail in the environment, I also seem to be decent at world building. My characters always seem lacking though. Same with their thoughts. view post

posted 06 Oct 2004, 03:10 by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

i always try to give my characters traits, all kinds random, contradictory, and then try to mold them to situations using those traits as a basis for thier actions. if you chose random traits it gives your characters great diversity. a character in my book hates having his cape dirty... whereas another gets random feelings of hopelessness and depression. it seems easy for me to build a complex plot. i dont know why. i keep getting so many ideas for the book im writiing that i dont know if ill be able to fit them in the story. i like being able to build around a simple story line and make it something special and unique. view post

posted 31 Oct 2004, 19:10 by sunshine, Commoner

(hi! I'm new, please don't bite!) The area I'd like to think I'm good at is character creation, but when it comes down to it people tend to comment on my dialogue. view post

posted 20 Nov 2004, 00:11 by Grantaire, Moderator

Welcome to the site sunshine! I find that's often the case with me as well, I like to think that one of the things I do is good, but often it's something I don't think of as as good that people compliment. Perhaps it's because I'm overly critical of my work.. view post

posted 20 Nov 2004, 02:11 by Da-krul, Auditor

I'm good at creating worlds, landmarks, names, lore, myths and so forth, but I find it hard to put words in characters mouths....... view post

posted 06 Dec 2004, 23:12 by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

if we could all just figure out a way to keep a running story going on. just, people continually add to it when they come out onto the site. like a massive book writing project. it would help people learn new skills at writing. might be a good idea? view post

posted 07 Dec 2004, 02:12 by Da-krul, Auditor

That indeed sounds kool view post

posted 07 Feb 2005, 23:02 by Antenox, Commoner

Definitely world-building, but that just seems to be common among all fantasy authors. I mean, that's what fantasy is all about, right? Telling a story set in a world other than our own? Anyway, I like writing history. Not so much culture; I've always fancied myself a part-time history student (despite my current goal to grab that elusive Electrical Engineering degree), so I love to incorporate thousands of years of history into my stories, but to do that I have to [i:20emon8p]write[/i:20emon8p] those thousands of years of history first. Right now, I have maybe a dozen different worlds with very distinct histories. Writing descriptions of cities and people and then associating them with a particular mood or atmosphere is my second strength. At least, that's what I've been told, and that pleases me, since that is also what I'm striving for. My biggest weakness: character interaction. I just...suck at it. The end result usually turns out fine, and sometimes people love it, but it takes me FOREVER to get a character interaction scene down. Also, for some reason, my protagonists almost always suck compared to my antagonists in terms of reader interest, to the point where my protagonists are effectively placeholders that are never replaced! I guess I just love the bad guys more. :lol: view post

posted 14 Feb 2005, 21:02 by RevCasy, Candidate

Well, I [i:ngtjv94d]think[/i:ngtjv94d] I'm good at characterization and dialogue, and weaker at plotting. Who knows though. I'm not a professional writer, though I do play around a bit. On the other hand, I know that my personality tends toward analysis and the love of complexity, so I'm probably good at those things, though I'm not sure how that manifests itself with writing fiction. view post

posted 24 May 2005, 22:05 by diarmuid, Peralogue

i can do dialouge all day but my attempts at scenery sometimes get a little convoluted i think i would like to be better at the framework stuff....and less involved with the details i guess view post


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