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Akka....The Chanv addict? posted 12 Jun 2007, 19:06 by Cohen, Peralogue

An epiphany maybe, but I was just commenting on how old Achamian will be in 20 yrs, (67-69) maybe to old to be effective in the Great ordeal...or the second apocalypse. Is it too crazy to think he might resort to using chanv to extend his life in order to combat the consult in the future? Or am I way of base? view post

posted 13 Jun 2007, 22:06 by Harrol, Moderator

Cohen I think that anything is possible, but I believe by some of the writings that we have seen from the future Akka. He is far to angry and hateful to be a chanv addict. view post

posted 14 Jun 2007, 07:06 by Curethan, Didact

Not to mention that Chanv seems to bear some connection to the consult - its effects seem very similar to the changes worked upon the non-men by the Inchoroi (no babies, lengthened life, sharpened intellect, loss of emotion) - perhaps its made from nonman blood :shock: view post

posted 14 Jun 2007, 15:06 by Cohen, Peralogue

Yes, the non-men. A good connection there I do remember the description, white bodies. view post

posted 26 Jun 2007, 12:06 by Nerdanel, Peralogue

I just found an interesting quote that suggests that Akka may indeed become a chanv addict with all the resulting complications. [quote="Future Akka":12zpciuc]My heart shrivels even as my intellect bristles.[/quote:12zpciuc] This comes from the pre-chapter quote of TTT, Chapter One. view post

posted 27 Jun 2007, 07:06 by Curethan, Didact

Well spotted. view post

posted 27 Jun 2007, 17:06 by Harrol, Moderator

I have read that quote many times but it does not mean he becomes a chanv addict. Bristle does not mean grow, sharpen or increase. It means to be offended in this context. Yes he has hardened his heart and intellectually he is deeply offended by Kellhus's ability to play him like a child. view post

posted 28 Jun 2007, 22:06 by Nerdanel, Peralogue

The first intransitive verb meaning for "bristle" in my Webster is [quote:niosdk8q]to stand or rise stiffly, like bristles[/quote:niosdk8q] It's not literally grow, sharpen, or increase, but I think for an intellect rising (or the state of having stood up) means pretty much the same. The biggest reason why I'm thinking this particular definition is correct is however the earlier part of the sentence. Heart vs. Intellect Shrivel vs. Bristle I think the sentence has been intentionally built to use contrasting opposites. It also fits really well with the known effects of chanv, even if you acknowledge only the first part as such. For someone as hearbroken as Akka it does make sense to seek detachment so that he doesn't end up like Leweth the trapper, and then there's the already-mentioned factor of not being too old when the Apocalypse strikes. (This thread has been the fastest to slide into dictionary definitions that I've ever seen...) view post

posted 06 Jul 2007, 06:07 by Cohen, Peralogue

Yes, I must say that my intellect bristled as my attention shrivelled...(This is where a rolling eyes emoticon would go..but I refuse) As a person whose has read the books twice...I cannot recall how one ingests Chanv, did I miss it somewhere? (Oh fuck it!) :roll: view post

posted 06 Jul 2007, 19:07 by Mahajanga Mordecai, Auditor

ROFLMAO!!!! You're killing me Cohen. Killing me! view post

posted 01 Nov 2007, 14:11 by Sea_Cucumber, Candidate

[quote="Cohen":ki5tc7fv]Yes, the non-men. A good connection there I do remember the description, white bodies.[/quote:ki5tc7fv] I'm pretty sure I'm correct in this, that the Non-Men only experienced the effects you mentioned (womb plague, extended life, paleness of figure, "bristling" of intellect :P) as a result of Inchoroi ministrations. You were correct in the consult connection as far as the Consult is connected with the Inchoroi. Chanv sounds far more like an Inchoroi creation than that of the Non-Men, who are really just intelligent, undying men. Who've occasionally lost it. That said, I think Chanv comes from some marshlands somewhere to the south. view post

posted 01 Nov 2007, 15:11 by Cohen, Peralogue

Yes, but how does one ingest the drug? Drinking, smokin, tokin,needle or dare I ask ....suppository :oops: view post

posted 01 Nov 2007, 16:11 by Sea_Cucumber, Candidate

I don't think it has ever really been used in any other context than "ingest" or "take"...try checking where Iyokus is introduced, I'm sure chanv is explained there...I think he's intro'd in tDtCB, but i'm not sure where, view post

posted 01 Nov 2007, 20:11 by Cohen, Peralogue

no it is not. view post


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