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Format? posted 10 Aug 2004, 01:08 by Grantaire, Moderator

Would we like to see a text-based RPG? Take the visual engine of another one? Or what? Let's throw around some ideas here. view post

posted 10 Aug 2004, 03:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

Text based just would not do this justice i dunno maybe get a visual engine form somewhere, ahve different classes, like Chosen - Sorcerer (advance) Footman - Shrial Knight Visuals would be percect for a game of this sort, however it would take far more effort..but far more rewarding them text. view post

posted 10 Aug 2004, 03:08 by Grantaire, Moderator

Agreed- again, if we took a different visual engine, we could change the names of the classes or whatever to match various people/aspects/whatever in the series, and probably change the skins. view post

posted 10 Aug 2004, 03:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

exactly, modify to suit the story, maybe scott would help with what character design would look like, he would have the best idea of course my avatar is a piture of my Knight from Ragnarok Online, although he loks different now, brown hair and bronw and gold armour, but still, something like that, but again text would just in now way do justice to PoN at all view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 01:08 by Grantaire, Moderator

I agree, text has too many limitations, but it depends what others think too of course. view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 02:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

this is very true but really.. you move one space north and are attacked by a are killed. ehhh.......yah....text has sever limitations (just my opinion) I wish others would stop by ands through in their two cents (which now costs you a nickel, due to inflation) view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 04:08 by legatus, Auditor

Honestly, I can imagine a lot more limitations with a rudimentary game / graphics engine than a fully fleshed out adaptation of a pen and paper ruleset like the d20 or storyteller system for text based online play. A text based RPG is really only limited by the imagination of its Dungeon Master / Story Teller and its players, whereas a graphics engine brings with it a built in set of limitations regarding what the player can actually do. That's why such a huge number of skills from D&D become useless and not worth implementing in their videogame counterparts, since it's just too hard to make them effective in the game engine, so you end up with a much simpler, more straight forward experience that tends to focus more on combat than actual roleplaying. That said, I'd rather have a simpler, more limited RPG experience with a decent graphics engine and the best Earwa related art we can muster than have to leave it all to the imagination. It may have its drawbacks and would undoubtedly be a lot harder to actually crank something playable out, but I think the accomplishment of it would end up feeling a lot more rewarding. This route begs the question, however, which game / graphics engine would be most appropriate for use with Earwa? I can't think of that many RPGs featuring online play that allow for a high level of moddability off the top of my head, but Neverwinter Nights comes to mind (although NWN2 might be a better candidate when it's released). Most of the other engine's I've worked with that cater to mod makers are either action oriented or only offer a single player experience. Anyone else have any other game engine's in mind for a graphical recreation of Earwa? In any case, I'd be open to working on either style of RPG, text based or complete with a graphics engine. I can't help but worry that recreating Earwa in a game engine with fully realised graphics might be a little too ambitious though, but I'd certainly like to try it just the same, so I cast my vote for that option as well. If nothing else, it should result in some good Earwa related artwork and character class ideas. view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 04:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I agree that a D&D type text would be fun, but it would require imagination between DM's and players and the game itself. Yes, graphics engines do limit gameplay, or rather limit complexity and CAN limit roleplayability.. (I'm on a Ragnarok Online Kick) But take RO as an example, that game is based in a world, where it is non-linear, you can creat guilds, and parties for massive player interaction, there are quests to learn sub-skills (skills not included in the general player skill sets per class) which creates awesome hours of play just to get those, there are PvP tournaments (player versus player) like gladiatorial combat, its just massive funn ( i like spelling fun with two n' wierd) I agree I would be interested in helping with either I suppose. but first and foremost, a name. Like "Earwa Online" or "The Three Seas" or something view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 04:08 by legatus, Auditor

I really like Earwa Online. The name was mentioned somewhere else on the board and it really has a certain ring to it. Also, seeing as each individual region of the world is fairly vast, it would probably be a good idea to create it in stages. The first installment could be called "Earwa Online: The Three Seas" and focus on life in that region, since it's the one we're currently most familiar with. A second installment might then be named something like "Earwa Online: The Ancient North," and so on and so forth. view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 05:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

This is very true, as of now we know little of the North, mainly just the mid region or the Three Seas and grow ever more intelligent about the south. Yes I mentioned Earwa Online somewhere else on the board, personally I liked it the best Yay!!! I'm helping to create!!! view post

posted 12 Aug 2004, 08:08 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

I think we need to start even smaller, such as Earwa Online (which I really like, btw):Momemn, and then expand from there. view post

posted 12 Aug 2004, 12:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

thats true, we could do like an initial start off where you can only be from Conriya, Nansur or on of those nationnalities and thanks on the name!...its pretty simple haha view post

posted 19 Aug 2004, 02:08 by saintjon, Auditor

The trouble is, if you want graphic representations unless you wait until more books are out to start your concepts you may be in trouble, as Scott seems to prefer the idea of revealing visual detail only as the story progresses. There are 2 novels out already and the Sranc are still fairly open to interpretation, if you catch my drift. You would almost have to get a concession from scott to describe what nonmen, bashrag and some other story elements actually look like. I like the idea of graphics but unless we're going to wait a long long time we'd have to get more detail from Scott. view post

posted 19 Aug 2004, 03:08 by legatus, Auditor

Personally, I don't mind the idea of our in game visual interpretations being somewhat off, if not outright wrong, in their first iterations. The scarcity of thorough descriptive passages when it comes to certain aspects of the books to give us a solid idea of how Scott himself visualizes his world offers us a certain level of creative freedom at the outset, and I think the process of trying to come up with what this race or that location might look like will be half the fun of recreating Earwa. If we have to scrap a few finished models and a certain percentage of artwork, it will certainly make the process more time consuming, but even so, I don't think it'll be wasted time. I doubt Scott would be overly forthcoming in coughing up specific details if he wants to keep certain things under wraps until he's ready to tackle those subjects in one of his future books, but we may be able to glean bits and pieces of new information from the criticisms and comments he might offer on how our visual interpretations are coming along--bits and pieces of information that he might not offer while directly answering a query about a given topic. Then, future design revisions will be that much more refined and well fleshed out. Regardless, I think we have a lot to decide on before we'll be at a stage where we're ready to start creating actual game assets, like models and artwork. Things like game rules, character classes, game mechanics, target engine and like are decisions that need to come first, and none of them really require that there be accompanying artwork right off the bat, so we can approach the early conceptual design of a graphical RPG in much the same way as we would a text based one. So depending on the pace we manage to get through that conceptual ground work, we may end up having another book of source material to draw from when the time comes to start churning out artwork. But if we don't have anything more to base our designs on, I can't imagine a little creative license being a bad thing, even if it means having to go back to the drawing board now and again later on. Hell, maybe we'll end up finding the reality of creating a fully realized graphical RPG too daunting after hammering out some early concepts and design ideas, then have little choice but to scale things back to a simpler text based system. And in my view, that would be fine if it meant actually ending up with a complete, playable system in lieu of an unfinished graphical version, but either way, I think we should start out along the more ambitious path and see where it leads us. view post

posted 19 Aug 2004, 13:08 by saintjon, Auditor

good points all for sure. view post

posted 19 Aug 2004, 23:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I'm in agreement with Legatus on this one. view post

posted 20 Aug 2004, 00:08 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

I agree as well. Personally, the text based rpg appeals to me, but that may be personal. It seems like a more literary medium, better able to handle the subtleties and complexities of such a rich world. view post

posted 17 Mar 2005, 01:03 by Hellscythe, Auditor

OK, here is my opinion. I think it should be a text rpg for a few reasons. One, it will force the person to actually think up their characterm describe it to the others in the room or wherever they may be. I mean, in the guilds i play in, I take 5-6 posts to describe my character, from the crests on his armor, to the cape attached to the shoulder plates, to his sword, lightning runes running along the blade. Another reason, it would be too expensive and take too much time to make visual images for each person, and not everyone may have the right requirements on their comps to see the images. view post


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