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posted 23 Aug 2004, 01:08 by saintjon, Auditor

I read the book on the basis of some really outstanding praise so I had an expectation that it would be good, but I can definitely relate to how much you liked it! view post

posted 07 Sep 2004, 16:09 by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

i had not heard of it before. i saw it on the shelf in Barnes and Noble and picked it up. i read a couple pages of the prolouge and turned to the middle and read a page. it seemed like a good book so i bought it and read it on the plane when i was going on vacation. i enjoyed it alot. i thought it was a unique story and great concept. the characters where great and i was intrigued with the depth that seemed to be involved in writing it. i cant wait to read the next book but im waiting for it in hardcover so its gonna be a while. view post

posted 08 Sep 2004, 18:09 by Da-krul, Auditor

I saw it in hardcover a fem months back, and the cover looked awesome, but then I figured I'd just wait till it comes out in I'm regretting it casue I bought WP in the...we'll larger size, oh we'll. Great Books. view post

posted 01 Dec 2004, 01:12 by Sagacious, Commoner

Yeah, i just finished reading it like yesterday V.V and i have to do a book report on it...but its HARD and it ended in the middle of no where *wants the second one now* view post

posted 12 Feb 2005, 07:02 by Faelcind Il Danach, Peralogue

I came to the prince of nothing like an unbroken horse to its masters hand. I first heard about it on the song of ice and fire board I frequent were it was praised greatly. I read the prologue but wasn't convinced it was interesting but was hard for me to get into and it wasn't available anywhere nearby. By the time It was in stores near me I was very leary because I had bought the two other most highly recomended books on that board, Gardens of the Moon and Perdido Street station and absolutely loathed both of them. On top of that the other last book I had bought was Robert Newcombs, the fifth Sorceros (probably the worst fantasy novel of all time). I was almost put of buying fantasy all together. I was also poor enough that getting a hard cover was an investment. I just kept picking it up and reading peices untill I finally broke down, It was about the sixth time I had picked it up and I was somewhere past Kellhus's abandonment of Leweth before I actually bought the book. It was great way to end the streak of bad luck I had had. view post

posted 12 Feb 2005, 15:02 by sukoudo, Commoner

I discovered The Darkness That Comes Before in a bargain book store, and like the author of this thread, I was entranced by the really cool cover art. It looked spooky, and different from the fantasy I'd been reading until then, and I was in! I bought it, went over to my favorite cafe, and read until I was almost late for work. It was the best deal I'd ever found. ~Meg view post

posted 14 Apr 2005, 00:04 by Scilvenas, Auditor

Saw the blurb by Erikson on the cover of the second book. If Donaldson recommended Erikson and Erikson was good... view post

posted 25 May 2005, 05:05 by Nauticus, Auditor

Yeah. The cover enticed me to check it out. That said, I've read [i:29xb695a]The Darkness That Comes Before[/i:29xb695a] 3 times and I'm on the 2nd time reading [i:29xb695a]The Warrior-Prophet[/i:29xb695a]. view post

posted 17 Sep 2005, 23:09 by Niwatam, Commoner

I was browsing through my local librairy looking for an interesting book when I stumbled upon this excellent book. I picked it out of the shelf along with the sequal and read then in succession of each other in roughly 2 weeks. My first read through of the first book was very rough and i had a hard time following the characters due to there complex pronounciations. But i decided to read it a second time before moving onto the second book and finally started to catch on to the names and this greatly increased my understanding of the relationships between the characters. then i moved on to the second book and devoured every word. after completing both of the books i was greatly despaired to find out that the third book was not yet out!! So i left the series and went on to read lesser and mediocre books until a year later i decided to reread the books. and lo and behold the website was on the book. I immediatly pounced on the opportunity to check it out and am quiet relieved to find that TTT is coming out soon! :D The cover really caught my eye too!!! view post

posted 19 Mar 2007, 18:03 by Littlefinger, Commoner

It got a lot of praise on the Song of Ice and Fire board so I decided to pick it up I like it so far I also picked up Legend By: Brian Gemmel it was good. view post

posted 19 Mar 2007, 20:03 by Twayleph, Auditor

I was waiting on someone to go to the movies and decided to spend some time in a nearby bookstore. The books's cover really intrigued me, so I picked it up and started reading it; it was so otherworldly, so unlike any fantasy I'd read before that I [i:21dw16kp]had [/i:21dw16kp]to read that book, so I bought it on the spot (something I very rarely do). That was one of the luckiest moves I've made. I cannot count the times I have read and re-read the books, they outstrip anything I'd read before. I had actually never read Steven Erikson's books before, but since he praised PoN he seemed like a smart guy to me, which encouraged me to read Gardens of the Moon :) view post

posted 24 Mar 2007, 18:03 by _Rebels_Whore_, Commoner

I saw the book at the libary and since one of the my regualar authors had no new books out yet, it looked interesting. The cover art was also what caught my attention..yes I judge books by the covers. I am that picky view post


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