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Neuropath posted 12 Jun 2008, 18:06 by Madness, Peralogue

It's been a very long time since I've written anything serious, post-wise, here on the three-seas forum. In fact, this is the first time I've posted on the revamped - spam-free, thank god - board. Thanks to Sovin or Wil, whomever solved my log-in problem. This won't actually be the first piece I write on Neuropath (and the Prince of Nothing), otherwise I'll include heavy spoiler indication. So, as some of you might figure; I have Neuropath. What's more, I've read it. And am reading it again. As most of you havn't read Neuropath, obviously as I said, I won't sit here and reveal anything. I just want to congratulate Cu'jara Cinmoi on his excellent fourth novel. And reiterate: This man is a modern day philosopher. Again, a huge inspiration to me. It's wierd, I have the only copy of Neuropath released in my tri-city area. So I can imagine for some reason it is difficult to get, and so I wait patiently for those of you who want to read it to read it. Within the next day or two, I'll be starting a thread *heavily spoilerific* for those of you who read it soon. I can guarantee Neuropath will increase discussion in philosophy, The Aspect-Emperor series, and Neuropath itself. A quick rundown of the book: Wierdly enough, and my Brain swears :wink: that I don't mean this as an insult, I'm not sure I can ever recommend this book to others. It is an amazing piece of literature, reaffirming (it was never a question) Bakker's status as my favorite author. The plot is amazing, wicked twists, and Bakker works magic making you comfortable before literally pulling worlds inside out. Neuropath is also heavily philosophical, something which apparently can be missed - read an interview where Bakker wrote that the philosophy was there for people whom wanted it. It is shocking, disturbing, creepy, terrifying... funny (Honestly, that's because I smoke weed. Not to mention that Bakker mentions smoking up like everyother page). Some of Bakker's one liners are hilarious. However, my reason for not wanting to recommend the book is this: It is all the above to such a point that someone might blame me for the damage this book causes to them. Perhaps, I can give it to people whom ask me for it and distance myself from the book when I pass it along. Regardless, I love the book, the writing, the mind behind it all. Bakker is a genius, a one of a kind writer, and a superb philosopher. I share what I believe to be Bakker's goal, in that people need to philosophically wake up, and apply "living a life" to everyday existence. view post


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