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Brief synopsis of The White-Luck Warrior posted 31 Mar 2010, 18:03 by Madness, Peralogue

This shit is EPIC!: As Anasûrimbor Kellhus and his Great Ordeal march ever farther into the perilous wastes of the Ancient North, Esmenet finds herself at war with not only the Gods, but her own family as well. Achamian, meanwhile, leads his own ragtag expedition to the legendary ruins of Sauglish, and to a truth he can scarce survive, let alone comprehend. Into this tumult walks the White-Luck Warrior, assassin and messiah both, executing a mission as old as the World’s making … The White-Luck Warrior is a story filled with heart-stopping action, devious treachery, grand passion and meticulous detail. It is both a classic quest tale and a high fantasy war story. and now both have The White-Luck Warrior listed as Mar 3 2011. Can't wait. Disciple of the Dog is listed as Sep 16 2010 (Finger's crossed for this b-day present) or Sep 1 2011 :(. Peace. view post


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