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Idea: Writing Competition posted 01 Sep 2004, 00:09 by Scarred, Candidate

As a way to draw interest to this forum, and the site in general, I think that having weekly, or biweekly (or monthly, whatever) writing competions would be a very effective way to do so, as well as have soem fun and stir up soem friendly competition. I know that works of writing are sometimes difficult to compare, but itd be a fun thing to do. If not necessarily write stories, then poems or short stories or something like that. All entrants would be required to vote for all the other works, possibly ranking them from best to worst, and the winner can pick a theme, or a scene that must be used by all entrants in the next competition as a way to provide incentive to win. Anyways, I probably have no say here, (being a n00b) but I really think that it would be a lot of fun, and have more people involved. Please post any comments, and say if you think such a thing would work. Merci view post

posted 01 Sep 2004, 01:09 by Grantaire, Moderator

First, being new to the say has [i:28krf84v]no[/i:28krf84v] affect on how your ideas are taken. We're not like a lot of bigger sites, where new folks are looked down on. I haven't looked at this board in a while, but last I knew, they were running some sort of writing contest. Maybe not exactly a "contest" per se, just a theme or topic that everyone writes about, but close. I'm not much of a writer, so I'll leave it to the regulars to explain more. view post

posted 02 Sep 2004, 16:09 by Scarred, Candidate

Yeah, I wasnt sure what the stance was towards new people on this site, the forum I cam from has thousands of posters so I guess it can afforsdto be anti newbie eh? I did read what the other sort of evnt was in here, but it didnt appear to be a competetion per se, its very cool, but not really what I meant. It really doesnt matter to me though if no one wants the sort of competition Im proposing, its all good. view post

posted 03 Sep 2004, 01:09 by Grantaire, Moderator

I'd get involved in a competition, if it won't take too much time, school is slowly consuming my free time. I'm writing a story right now as is (for AP environmental science no less *rolls eyes*) view post

posted 04 Sep 2004, 00:09 by Scarred, Candidate

Boy does that sound exhilirating :p view post

posted 12 Sep 2004, 17:09 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

we love new people here!!!! we all understand that we were all new people at ne point so everyone is accepted. We don't flame or anything, we have lively discussions, but we are all here for one person and well we just all ahve come together as a form of family..we rule. But if a contest got up and going, i would definetly enter view post


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