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And this is how viral marketing works, right? posted 01 Feb 2005, 02:02 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

Just to give an idea of how interconnected things are, thought you'd like a few links I just found, Scott, that refer to your works: [url:19it0ljn][/url:19it0ljn] - Spanish-language site that refers to how you won the 2005 OF Awards in multiple categories. [url:19it0ljn][/url:19it0ljn] - Commentary on our interview, with an interesting joke involving [i:19it0ljn]Quantum Leap[/i:19it0ljn] ;) [url:19it0ljn][/url:19it0ljn] - And a bit referring to your SFF World Interview. [url:19it0ljn][/url:19it0ljn] - And a blog whose January 15th entry refers to your SF Site interview. Plus, the name of the blog just amused me. ;) [url:19it0ljn][/url:19it0ljn] - Being mentioned in another author's interview is a good thing, yes? [url:19it0ljn][/url:19it0ljn] - Publisher's Newswire is pretty good for mentioning books, yes? [url:19it0ljn][/url:19it0ljn] - [i:19it0ljn]Writer manages life of fantasy and reality posted at 16:54 EDT, Wednesday, July 07, 2004[/i:19it0ljn] - Sounds like someone liked your newspaper interview as well, Scott [url:19it0ljn][/url:19it0ljn] - Looks like Hugo-winning columnist Cheryl Morgan's impressed with your writing as well. Ah, I could continue, but don't these links (and the references to a few interviews you've done in the past) give you an ego boost? :D view post

posted 01 Feb 2005, 10:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Viral indeed! You have to wonder how long it would have taken Tolkien to climb the mountain had there been an internet 50 years ago. Cool stuff, Larry. As an aside, when's everyone going to stop associating Bakula with Quantum Leap instead of Enterprise? view post

posted 01 Feb 2005, 23:02 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

Glad you enjoyed it, Scott. As for Tolkien, I suspect it still would have taken a few years for the word to filter down/up/into the literati circles - it seems like really good stuff takes at least a year or two to circulate enough for word of mouth to be converted into the "next big thing." As for Bakula, I think that'll happen if Enterprise ever becomes half the show Quantum Leap was. ;) view post

posted 02 Feb 2005, 12:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

How long did things take for GRRM? I know the mmpb played a big role in his explosion, which is one of the reasons I was so bummed last fall. view post

posted 02 Feb 2005, 18:02 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

Although it received favorable press when AGoM came out in 1996, it really wasn't until 2000, with ASoS that he really became popular. And then that just led to more reading it based on friend's reactions. Sorta like a trickle-down effect that actually worked - go figure :P view post

posted 03 Feb 2005, 10:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I had no idea it took that long. I thought CoK was big in hc, but then that's probably because I bought it in hc - and if [i:3nn72un0]I[/i:3nn72un0] buy it, it [i:3nn72un0]must[/i:3nn72un0] be big. :roll: I'm bad for that. It's why I'm always dumbfounded and dismayed when they cancel my favourite TV shows... view post

posted 05 Feb 2005, 14:02 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

Remember Scott, that you Canadians seem to adopt good fantasy series (when you're not writing them ;)) a good 1-2 years before Americans do. But I had heard of Martin's series when CoK was still in HC, because I bought it during the summer of 2000, about three months before the release of SoS. And speaking of HC, seems like the HC of TWP is doing rather well over at Amazon these days, yes? :D view post

posted 05 Feb 2005, 20:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I've been biting my nails regarding TWP's fate in the US for the past few weeks now. My US publisher, Overlook is working hard to capitalize on the twin nods TDTCB received at [i:1gajghg5]Publisher's Weekly[/i:1gajghg5] - especially their assertion that the mainstream media had [i:1gajghg5]overlooked[/i:1gajghg5] it. They were positively overjoyed with that one! The next couple of months will be the test to see whether fiction review editors at places like [i:1gajghg5]USA Today[/i:1gajghg5] and [i:1gajghg5]People[/i:1gajghg5] actually give the books a whirl. If that does happen, there's a chance that they could enjoy the same kind of success in the US that they seem to be enjoying here. Who knows? I still might get that mmpb deal... 8) view post

posted 05 Feb 2005, 20:02 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

That sounds promising - of course, there's a downside to this. Since you're newly married, you can't use this success as a lame pickup line in the bar, correct? ;) But as that old aphorism goes, good things do sometimes go to those who wait...and wait...and wait, right? view post

posted 08 Feb 2005, 12:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I always thought it would be a great idea for a gag book to do an 'Aphorisms as the should be' things. Patience is a virtue or a vice. Good and bad things come to those who wait. And so on... view post


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