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So exactly how many God's are there? posted 12 Feb 2005, 18:02 by Folken Fanel, Commoner

So how many are there...the phrase "The God" keeps appearing all the time but then there's mention of "The Gods themselves" is there only one or more? view post

posted 12 Dec 2005, 21:12 by precentor, Commoner

[quote="Erthaelion'":2vj45tzl]The Thousand Temples blends rather conveniently monotheism and a polytheistic pantheon. I think its and idea to blend the beliefs of the Roman's in the late days of the Empire with that of the slowly Christianized world- the few who still clung to the traditional imperial cult, and the masses who had long ago adopted Christianity. Also, if you think of Christianity, I think its Bakker's take on the myriad Saints, prophets and Angels that litter the faith of the newly adopted Christians.[/quote:2vj45tzl] it makes me think more of hinduism. the idea that all the various gods are aspects or emanations of the one god is common in hinduism. there aren't christian analogues for every single feature of inrithism--scott has borrowed from islam, judaism, and hinduism as well. view post


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