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Awesome, and Sad posted 15 Jun 2011, 08:06 by Ilyich, Commoner

I was blown away by this book. I'm doing a second read through, where I won't skip the Esmenet/Kelmomas/WLW chapters, but it was an amazing read all the same. SPOILERS AHEAD I was disappointed in the way Incariol died though. I thought he would have been a major character in the story, but I guess the Nonmen are characterized by tragedy, and so his death fit into that (it was the saddest part of the book). In my mind I was hoping for Incariol to redeem himself and challenge Kellhus, perhaps have his amnesia cured somehow. As well, if Incariol left Ishterebinth because the Nonmen there decided to ally themselves with Golgotterath, then I'm guessing that means the alliance Kellhus struck with them is a false one (unless he made a bargain with them the reader doesn't know about, tempting enough for them to betray Golgotterath and resist screwing the ordeal over so they can bask in the tragedy of it). I'm also wondering if Mimara having a go with the Nonman will have any significance on the story (in regards to her already existing pregnancy). Just a thought, they aren't human after all. I think Kellhus let Golgotterath know about the location of Ishual, so that if Achamian somehow managed to extricate himself from the predicament Kosoter put him, it wouldn't matter anyway; OR Kellhus traded the location of Ishual for something else. Anyways, I can't wait to read the Unholy Consult. view post


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