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The browser game that comes before...? posted 19 Jul 2011, 00:07 by Callan S., Auditor

Having learnt some PHP code, I was idly thinking of making a browser based game in relation to the three seas. Before anyone gets excited, browser games are primarily text based with still images and second, yes, it'd be covered in disclaimers that I do not claim any right at all to the source and I grovel at the boot of Scott, hoping not to be struck down by a C&D letter (at which point I'd have to go strip all the IP out and replace it with my own). I was actually thinking of something around the skalpers era, as that has lots of monster fighting as well as lots of people of many cultures there and so much intrigue. It'd be difficult to actually maintain any self reflection element (rather than let it become yet another sycophancy game on the web), but I think some could be implemented. Thoughts? view post

Re: The browser game that comes before...? posted 26 Jul 2011, 00:07 by Callan S., Auditor

I was thinking of playing on the idea of damnation - you start with a character who has done dark things. Now, I was thinking that you could redeem a character over time. Once fully redeemed (pentinent?), the character retires (you keep a bunch of resources like money and such, since the traditional model of browser games is resource accumulation). Or you can just keep doing black deeds until your dark and crispy with sin particles! Or I dunno, am I being wussy having the option for redemptive acts? More Bakker like to have entropic sin rule the universe, eh? And no one breaks the rules of thermo dynamic sin? view post


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