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Favourite Sorcerous School? posted 15 Jun 2005, 01:06 by Esmi, Candidate

Just wanted to see how people judged the different Schools. Consult included. Feedback welcome. :D view post

posted 15 Jun 2005, 01:06 by Twayleph, Auditor

I think Scott has done an amazing job describing sorcery and Schools and, apart from the Mysunsai - mercenaries, which is realistic but somewhow a little base for sorcerers imo - and the Imperial Saik -lapdogs of the Emperor - I find them all fascinating in their own way. Now to answer the question, it's a hard choice between the Mandate, whose Gnosis has been so brilliantly described that I'm beginning feel the same envy as Ele├Ązaras did, and the Cishaurim, who I think wield the closest thing we've seen to holy magic so far (never mind the oxymoron). In the end, however, how could I not take the philosophers' side, as Achaminan describes them? :wink: view post

posted 15 Jun 2005, 01:06 by Quinthane, Candidate

So far, most are Mandate minded, which I chose as well. Akka sold the Gnosis at the troubled-nights-price just too damn well. And I'm glad that eveyone has thus far resisted voting for Hogwarts. Well done, lads. Quinthane view post

posted 15 Jun 2005, 02:06 by H, Auditor

I like the Cishaurim. Of cource, this is probably because the little we've seen of them paints them in an exotic and powerful way. Hell, anyone who rips out their own eyes, carries snakes around their necks, and is brazen enough to freely fight a couple of Schools at once, is pretty kick ass in my estimation. Not to mention i'm partial to the Fanim anyway... view post

favourite sorcerous school posted 15 Jun 2005, 19:06 by Ashmael, Candidate

I voted for Mandate because I'm fond of Achamian. view post

posted 15 Jun 2005, 22:06 by Deerow, Auditor

I agree with "H." view post

posted 16 Jun 2005, 00:06 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

It was definitly a toss up for me, because all of the Schools have something special about them that I like. However my two front runners would of course be the Mandate and the Cishaurim. The Cishaurim for being so...exotic and otherworldly and the Mandate for the Gnosis and the truth that only they can fully comprehend. (if it can even be said that the Mandate truly comprehends the truth of things. After all they are, at the moment, completely in the dark about certain matters, even our dear beloved Akka.) The Mandate won out for me because of their mission and the Gnosis. I know I personally would give up on getting a good nights sleep ever again to know the mysteries that they know. As for the other schools, they sort of seem like chumps in comparison, and there is just something about the Scarlet Spires that makes me want to kill them all. :) view post

posted 16 Jun 2005, 20:06 by White Lord, Subdidact

What, am I the only one who likes the Consult? :cry: :lol: Have you never thought of the advantages? Just wait until I set up a PR campaign, I assure you, you will look on the Consult Fathers with different eyes . . . :lol: :shock: view post

posted 01 Jul 2005, 03:07 by saintjon, Auditor

I bet the Gnosis would steamroll those Cishaurim pretty handily so I took the Mandate. Pure and simple powerhouse dominance and a lifelong mission to give you purpose, friggin A man. view post


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