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Any Chance of a Worldcon appearance? posted 14 Jul 2005, 08:07 by StegoKing, Candidate

I realize we are getting very close to Worldcon 2005 in Glasgow, so I won't even bother to ask. However, would Worldcon 2006 in LA be a possibility? The whole politics of the Hugo Awards and such is rubbish, but it couldn't hurt your chances for a Hugo nomination to be there. (and I have no doubt that TTT will deserve a nomination at the very least) Regardless of that crap, I know personally of dozens of fans who would like to meet the author of the thinking-mans epic fantasy. Your work is very highly thought of within George R.R. Martins fan group, the BwB, of which I am a member. I am certain it's garnering like attention elsewhere. As a book collector, I've already had to buy multiple copies of your work due to damage from re-reading. As much as any other author currently writing, I greatly desire getting these editions signed. Basically, I'd love to see you out in LA, and I'd be thrilled to buy you a pint or two. If making a worldcon isn't in the cards for the immediate future, or a signing in the US Northeast, is there any way I could send the books to you to be signed? (with return shipping, of course) Perhaps I could send some bookplates for you to sign? Please advise, and many thanks. view post

posted 18 Jul 2005, 15:07 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I had no chance of making this year's Worldcon (too much rash, not enough scratch, I'm afraid), but the LA Worldcon is a definite possibility. I'm hoping to get invited to World Fantasy (which will be in driving distance), but I still haven't heard anything. I'd love to 'remote sign' your books, SK, but the sad fact is I'm horrible at keeping on top of that stuff, and I've actually received quite a few requests. So for the sake of consistency I have to say no. How about when we do meet up, I buy [i:2it156nb]you[/i:2it156nb] the pint! Are you going to the WFC? view post


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