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Defective Copy? posted 29 Oct 2005, 01:10 by Ran, Commoner

I just recieved "The Darkness that comes Before" in the mail today. It states in the contents section of the book that there is a Map on page 590. I don't have a 590 in my copy. My copy goes from 1 to 566 after page 566 is 151 again up to 182. The appendices are missing replaced by earlier chapters. How can this be right? view post

posted 07 Nov 2005, 07:11 by Spamoram, Candidate

Get a refund. view post

posted 05 Mar 2006, 17:03 by Lythade, Candidate

lol thats kind of funny cause in my book on the appendices title page it says that the appendices start at pages 580, 584, 590, 592 and 594 but the story dosen't end until page 622. but if you turn the page it says its page 625. and not only that but the table of contents has the right numbers for the appendices. view post


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