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Do You Play Any MMRPG's? posted 30 Jul 2004, 21:07 in Author Q & ADo You Play Any MMRPG's? by skotch, Commoner

First - I really have to thank you for such a great series. I've been reading fantasy for a loooong time and the PoN series has to be some of the best writing I've read in a while; thoughtful, intelligent, descriptive and gritty. Uber thanks! Now, I was wondering, do you play mmrpgs such as Everquest or UO? Or do you (did you) play pan and paper D&D? Was wondering because someone in my guild said that Raymond E. Fiest plays Everquest. view post

How Do You Write? posted 30 Oct 2004, 15:10 in Author Q & AHow Do You Write? by skotch, Commoner

Hiya Scott, When you write, do you use a typewriter, computer or pen and paper? I was wondering because I remember reading that Clive Barker only writes in pen and paper, transcribing it to type only after the book is finished. He said that his thoughts come more clearly when writing with pen. Whatever your writing style, could you give a reason as to why you choose that over the others, ie. habit, clarity, etc...? Skotch view post


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