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posted 02 Jan 2008, 00:01 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Breaker of Horses and Men by Khan, Commoner

Cnaiur is probably my favourite as well. Mainly because he is the only person who can see through Khellus's lying. view post

Why did the Dunyain learn how to fight? posted 02 Jan 2008, 20:01 in Author Q & AWhy did the Dunyain learn how to fight? by Khan, Commoner

The Dunyain exist in isolation from the rest of the world. They are (because of their coldness) a society with no violence. Why then does Khellus have all these super-awesome fighting abilities? view post

posted 13 Jan 2008, 19:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtIs Kellhus really a prophet? by Khan, Commoner

[quote:lugdhi97] Is Khellus really a Prophet?[/quote:lugdhi97] Answer: No Khellus is a very gifted cold reader and orator, but not a prophet. view post

Khellus and his: "We are God" posted 10 Feb 2008, 16:02 in Author Q & AKhellus and his: "We are God" by Khan, Commoner

I was wondering, is Khellus's: "we are all God" view the truth? Or is it something brought about from his Dunyain need to quantify everything? view post

posted 10 Feb 2008, 16:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKelhus vs ... by Khan, Commoner

Khellus vs Roland Deschain? view post

posted 10 Feb 2008, 17:02 in General DiscusssionWhat if Kellhus was one of us? by Khan, Commoner

I don't think Khellus would be able to control Earth humans as easily as he did the ones in the Prince of Nothing series. He might get a few followers yes, but I think that people wouldn't follow him so easily. 21st century human beings are much, much smarter than the relatively middle age humans you find in the series. We aren't as impressed by intelligence, because intelligence is so common. We'd also be able to tell the difference between omnipotence and psychoanalysis. I think that the only reason that Khellus (and his father) were able to control people was because peoples convictions weren't that strong. They believed in honour, they were free to destroy people in the names of religion and enslave humans. We however, have understanding of the basic rights of human beings. Khellus wouldn't be able to take that from us, and so long as he couldn't, then we would be free from his manipulation. view post


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