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posted 16 Aug 2004, 23:08 in Member Written WorksWelcome and Guidelines by Epitaphs, Candidate

Is there a criteria needed to be met before you can post(an attachment) in this forum? It currently says I can do everything but that, here, though I can post attachments in other forums. view post

posted 18 Aug 2004, 07:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionGay marriage: for or against its legalization in the US? by Epitaphs, Candidate

It's a real love fest for homosexuals in here, isn't it? Which is nice. It's good to see people not breaking down into societal moles and preaching about the undermining possibilities of two dudes/dudettes marrying and realizing that hey, they're just people too. And that if John and Jeff get married, it isn't nearly the same thing as me wanting to marry a turtle, even a female turtle. Some dumbass Senator(or Rep., but definitely a man voted into office by we the people)actually compared the two! Jesus. view post

posted 18 Aug 2004, 20:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Epitaphs, Candidate

I'm currently headed to start [i:lpcqdlj6]Vernon God Little[/i:lpcqdlj6] by DBC Pierre. I was supposed to start it weeks ago, but I had to finish [i:lpcqdlj6]The Black Company[/i:lpcqdlj6] by Cook. And then of course came TDTCB. view post

posted 18 Aug 2004, 20:08 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMandate spies? by Epitaphs, Candidate

I read it more as in the Consult had convinced a Mandate Schoolman that there was no hope of defeating them this time. So the only thing to do would be to join the bad guys. Or maybe they offered wealth, more power, something. Because you're probably right about the skin-changer. But how would a ship's captain be able to find Inrau? And all the other spies? Is it as simple as just [i:158g7zni]following [/i:158g7zni]Achamian around? view post

posted 19 Aug 2004, 17:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Epitaphs, Candidate

Soprano. view post

posted 20 Aug 2004, 01:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Epitaphs, Candidate

Minimalists view post

posted 20 Aug 2004, 01:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionAges by Epitaphs, Candidate

I'll be 23 on the 29th. I think, it's hard to distinguish between changing 22 and 23. view post

Susanna Clarke posted 01 Sep 2004, 05:09 in Literature DiscussionSusanna Clarke by Epitaphs, Candidate

Anyone else excited to read [i:2krreqec]Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell[/i:2krreqec]? I saw it at the bookstore. I must have. Must must have.[/i] view post

posted 04 Sep 2004, 03:09 in Literature Discussiondark tower? by Epitaphs, Candidate

Am I the only person whose favorite of the Dark Tower is [i:qgg02y54]Wizard and Glass[/i:qgg02y54]? I mean, I love all the DT books(well, the first four for sure, and from the prologue King posted on his website, the last one coming out here in a few weeks as well)but W&G I thought was just awesome. I get chills everytime I read the scene of Roland screaming in the ball(trying to avoid spoilers). I can understand being frustrated by the lack of forward progress towards the Tower. Is that it, though? Too much romance? view post

posted 22 Jan 2005, 23:01 in Literature DiscussionBest Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! by Epitaphs, Candidate

Definitely that last arrow flying Deadhouse Gates. I had to reread that section four or five tiems, and each time it hit me again. Ned dying in A Game of Thrones is pretty close, though. The ending to Steven King's Dark Tower, when I realized how much it was going to suck. I haven't seen anyone else's reaction to this, but just the fact the author steps in, literally, to say "Do not enter here, ye of taste". Jesus was that disappointment. view post

posted 26 Jan 2005, 04:01 in Literature DiscussionBest Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! by Epitaphs, Candidate

I just like surprises, whether happy or not. Unexpected storytelling, done well, doesn't have to have death around every corner--it just works for Martin. I can't even imagine how different his story would be today if he had let Ned live. The North wouldn't have seceeded, the red wedding wouldn't have happened, and some other stuff. Yeah. I need to re-read that series. And honestly, how you could have enjoyed the ending to the Dark Tower, the Dark fuckin' Tower, is beyond me(though the only other person I know who has read all the books enjoyed it, so it's very possible I'm in the minority). I mean, I remember reading Wizard and Glass oh so many years ago, and that moment when Roland travels in to the ball, and finds himself at the Tower, and he shouts out how it will not stand, in the voice of a King. And then he gets there and he has the mute draw the bad guy away. 'Cept his big flaming eyes. That was a bigger disappointment then the VERY end. And I thought that sucked too. view post

posted 27 Jan 2005, 03:01 in Literature DiscussionStephen Erikson's Books by Epitaphs, Candidate

The great thing about message boards? They can remember. It's really pretty cool to see Orion_metalhead's August post about picking up GOTM, and then four months later, read how he bought and read and enjoyed the book. How cool is that? They best glossary for the Malazan series are the next four books. Trust me. view post

posted 03 Feb 2005, 23:02 in The Warrior ProphetAnother Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) by Epitaphs, Candidate

He could simply hate Moe as much as Cnaiur does, and is willing to go to any lengths to see this accomplished through his own hand. Perhaps Maithanet's goal is not Shimeh. Perhaps he knows about the Consult(he can see the Mark, perhaps he can see Skin Spies?). Perhaps he did cross paths with Moe, and they together plotted a plan to unite the Three Seas to fight the Consult. Think about it. No one in the Three Seas, other than the Mandate of course, belive in the Consult. If they were able to do everything in their plans behind the scenes, with the humans simply milling about, the Consult would dominate them before they ever had a chance to come together. Of course, this is nearly ridiculous, as you are destroying both armies. But perhaps it's to be like the desert--a testing ground to wittle away the fat. But then again perhaps he just hates the Kianese and the Consult and wants the whole world to himself. view post

posted 09 Mar 2005, 05:03 in Literature DiscussionSusanna Clarke by Epitaphs, Candidate

Yes, I did read it, and yes, I enjoyed it. Immensely. One of the few books I've read in the last six months(which includes, thankfully, both PON books published so far) actually. I eagerly await the sequel, which if Clarke keeps her pace from Norrell, will be in oh, 2010. view post

posted 10 Mar 2005, 21:03 in Literature DiscussionSusanna Clarke by Epitaphs, Candidate

And yet the synopsis is for the first book. Amazon is useless, anyway. Have you seen how many times they've listed GRRM? I mean, really. They're hopes and dreams built on rivers of smoke. And I gave up smoking years ago. view post

posted 14 Mar 2005, 03:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionBad, bad book. BAAAD. by Epitaphs, Candidate

[quote="Orion_metalhead":1uko81s1]WoT is a great series and, like other books there is the place where it gets somewhat slow and because it is so epic in scale, that just makes the stall seem much larger. Im on book five so im not fully done and im reading Erikson now but its a long series... its how its written... maybe becuase ive not read it all im not understanding exactly how boring it is but idk, i took a stab at it.[/quote:1uko81s1] WOT is one of the better fantasy series out there, right up until book 7. Book 7 is still all right, better than most. Path of Daggers is where it all starts to fall apart. Winter's Heart has a grand finale, but then in Crossroads of Twilight nothing. Absolutely nothing. Set up after set up after set up after fucking set up! I don't want to get too detailed here, but c'mon! I'll still finish the series though(sigh). Unspoilery hatreds: Faile, dresses, braids, nothing happening, people stuck in the same damn city for three books, people walking around looking for a gosh darn army for three books, Faile, what happens to Perrin after he meets Faile, Andor, and certainly other thins. Keep in mind this is off the top of my head. I've only read WH and COT once, and I read them both as soon as they came out. I will keep reading, hoping Jordan can reach back in time and grab a hold of the writer he once was; adventurous and fun. The Shadow Rising is still one of the best fantasy novels out there, in my opinion--Rand traveling to the Aiel waste, Perrin guarding the Two Rivers, Mat doing something cool though I can't recall what. And the ending to Lord of Chaos, which I will absolutely not spoil, was awesome too. view post

posted 22 Mar 2005, 04:03 in Literature DiscussionStephen Erikson's Books by Epitaphs, Candidate

[quote="Ainulindale":1eq2qslx]I just wanted to give a heads up on two novellas released ibeforen the Uk by PS Publishing will be rereleased by [i:1eq2qslx]NightShade[/i:1eq2qslx] books [url=]Here[/url:1eq2qslx], they are numbered and leatehrbound, and autographed. The link will give a brief summary for thsoe that don't have the PS publishing editons, and they are entitled[u:1eq2qslx] Blood Follows [/u:1eq2qslx]and [u:1eq2qslx]The Healthy Dead[/u:1eq2qslx][/quote:1eq2qslx] Ah, that's too awesome! Finally. Thanks for the heads up! view post

posted 25 Mar 2005, 02:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Epitaphs, Candidate

The prologue to Steven Erikson's new one, The Bonehunters. ... /352106879 view post

posted 26 Mar 2005, 20:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionErikson? by Epitaphs, Candidate

Steven Erikson writes grittty, magical novels that each not only connect to tell an overall plotline that touches an entire world, but tell singular tales that finish in the volume. Most people agree the first book is at first, a sludge to get through. Don't just give up on it. Trust me--it took me six months and a boring summer to get back to it, and it cannot take you that long to find out what happens to Coltaine and his Chain of Dogs in Deadhouse Gates(don't let anyone spoil that for you, either). Note that the first book is actually a lot better after you've read subsequent books. Most people agree on that, too. The only "bad" thing about the books is if you get attached to characters, as usually, the next volume moves on to a different part of the world. But this only a complaint usually until about a hundred pages in, then you forget that you're missing the Bridgeburners. view post

posted 26 Mar 2005, 20:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is your favorite sport? by Epitaphs, Candidate

[quote="Da-krul":y1rutmlh]I would have to say 1. The CFL (Canadian Football Leauge) 2. Bowling (Not Really a Sport but meh) 3 Skiing (Again not really a sport but meh)[/quote:y1rutmlh] Canadian Football isn't really a sport either, is it? :D Basketball for me. Mainly the NBA, but I am not into it nearly as much as when I was in highschool some few years back. Currently I'm getting into March Madness, as I made up a bracket for the first time. view post

posted 31 Mar 2005, 03:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is your favorite sport? by Epitaphs, Candidate

[quote="Alric":32sj9jkz]Well, CFL is more of a sport than Arena League Football. As for March Madness, the weekend's games were quite good. I've never seen as many close, overtime games. It was very entertaining. Of course, my bracket is completely shot now.[/quote:32sj9jkz] Arena football is a joke. The only thing it's produced is Kurt Warner. Oh well--I live in Des Moines, Iowa, and our old team the Barnstormers(who Warner played for, actually)is the closest thing we've had to a pro team. How sad is that? Bah to the elite 8. A pox on their houses and their arenas. The games themselves were so great though. I was in first place in my non-monetary pool for the longest time, now I might as well stop paying attention. Oh well. If the games continue their goodness it'll still be worth it. view post

posted 16 Apr 2005, 22:04 in The Warrior ProphetCnaiur and Serwe by Epitaphs, Candidate

Have you finished the book yet? Big C himself explains it before the end, I think. view post

posted 03 Jun 2005, 02:06 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeUS Trade Paperback Cover by Epitaphs, Candidate

DULL?!?! Personally, I think the paperback cover is crap. The best part of it is the Erikson quote at top. The original was striking, mystical. Ancient texts entombed herein, is what it said. This new one says to me "Hey, boy! Yeah, you with the new Forgotten Realms novel! Try me! I am appealing! I have castles!" view post


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