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posted 12 Feb 2005, 15:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionSex by sukoudo, Commoner

Oooh, look, another woman among you! In my reading group, we read The Prince of Nothing, and I think I was the only female who actually thoroughly enjoyed it. The other women balked at the violence and politics. They did however wish there was more written about Akka and Esmi. Maybe it's a girl thing. Maybe I should re-think my vote in this poll, then... :shock: view post

posted 12 Feb 2005, 15:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionSex by sukoudo, Commoner

D'oh.... silly little error.... we read The Darkness That Comes Before. I was thinking about the series.'s to early. ~Meg view post

posted 12 Feb 2005, 15:02 in The Darkness That Comes Beforejust read the book.... by sukoudo, Commoner

I discovered The Darkness That Comes Before in a bargain book store, and like the author of this thread, I was entranced by the really cool cover art. It looked spooky, and different from the fantasy I'd been reading until then, and I was in! I bought it, went over to my favorite cafe, and read until I was almost late for work. It was the best deal I'd ever found. ~Meg view post

posted 25 Feb 2005, 15:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionThe LOTR Films by sukoudo, Commoner

I've just recently bought all three videos (yes, I'm a little under-privileged... :cry: ), and I've been watching them over and over again. I haven't read the books, though I've been trying to. I find myself falling asleep when I try to read the books. But anyways, I love the films for their beauty, and stunning performance by all the actors. Whether or not Gimli was used for comical relief, and Legolas performed stunts that no living person could ever actually do (may I point out the attack on the people of Rohan on their journey to Helms Deep? The way he swung up onto the horse was impossible! If he'd gone around the OTHER way I could believe it....), but I'm straying from my point. Despite the changes and diversions from the books, I think every actor in these films deserves at least a standing ovation for their performances. I could believe that they were the characters they played, and not just a bunch of actors playing their parts. For this, I truly love the films. I also want to draw attention to the soundtrack. It was haunting, uplifting, even depressing at times, but it was the BEST soundtrack I've ever heard! And, I must say, that I really love Pippin's singing voice. I'm a sucker for a Hobbit that can sing. :wink: Well, that's my input! Thanks for listening to my drivel! ~Meg view post

posted 25 Feb 2005, 15:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by sukoudo, Commoner

At this very moment, I'm listening to Voodoo Lady by Live. My playlist consists of a mix of Live, Scapegoat Wax, classical, Karl Sanders, Underworld Soundtrack tracks, Bush, Linkin Park, Tool, Anathema, Tonic, Candlebox, The Tea Party (my favorite band of all time), Corrs (unplugged, [i:1vrvedqe]Little Wing[/i:1vrvedqe]), Goo Goo Dolls, and a bunch of other stuff. Think I might switch to some good ol' Tea Party, though. It feels like a Tea Party kind of day. 8) ~Meg "I can't think of a good quote so I'll just pretend." ~Meg view post

posted 25 Feb 2005, 16:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionGay marriage: for or against its legalization in the US? by sukoudo, Commoner

First of all, I think I should say that in my opinion, marriage should stay 'under the rule' of the government. If granting marriage liscences was left up to the churches, half this world would not be allowed their inherent right to marry whom they choose. Not everyone lives their life under the rules of a certain religion, but we [b:15ljek7c]all[/b:15ljek7c] live under the rules of the government. Does that make sense?? Anyways, I'm all for gay marriages, and being here in Beautiful British Columbia, if I decide that I want to marry the woman next door, I certainly could. Marriage is certainly about the love, not the gender, religion or any other factor. If two people are in love, they should be able to make the commitment of marriage. That's my two bits. ~Meg view post

posted 25 Feb 2005, 16:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by sukoudo, Commoner

Tusk view post

posted 25 Feb 2005, 16:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by sukoudo, Commoner

I'm currently working on The Dragon Reborn in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find book four anywhere. Five, yes, but four is very popular, apparently. That makes me sad. ~Meg view post


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