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Re: Kellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. posted 11 Jun 2008, 23:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. by Cripdamind, Candidate

i never thought of any of the characters as being good or bad--righteous or wicked. every single one of the characters always act in his/her own self interest. i always took that to mean that mr. bakker was trying to get the reader to realize that in the real world we, as humans, always act in what we believe is our own self interest. therefore, i see kellhus as neither good nor bad, just fascinating, and as long as the rest of the inhabitants of earwa are too naive or arrogant to see the truth of the matter (that kellhus is playing them like the instruments they are) i will continue to root for the ubermensch also known as kellhus. the only real flaw i find within him is that he never second guesses himself: but who would if they've been right 100% of the time so far? i think this will be kellhus' downfall. he's going to overlook some teeny tiny detail in one of the upcoming books and probably get turned to salt by a chorae. edit: as for his divinity, i think he's the real deal, sort of. part of the meta-physics of earwa seems to be that the material plane is as subject to influence from its inhabitants as its inhabitants are subject to the influences of the material world, for instance sorcery. the sorcerors can conjure up terrible things by thinking and singing the cants. with this in mind i believe that if enough people believe kellhus to be a prophet he will become one. perception shapes the world just as much as the world shapes perception. view post

Re: No-God's questions posted 12 Jun 2008, 00:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNo-God's questions by Cripdamind, Candidate

i subscribe the theory that the no-god is a human soul or the sum of all human souls not currently inhabiting a body. those questions are exactly what i imagine a man who got his eyes poked out and has amnesia would ask. he doesn't seem to hold any malice towards achamian/seswatha in the dreams, nor kellhus in his head, he's just confused. someone said they pity the no-god and i agree, he seems to be a tragic figure. i hope he breaks free of the consult and beats the brakes off them. something i noticed in the TWP or maybe it was TTT is when that old dude whispers in kellhus' ear that "there is but one tree in kyudea and your father dwells beneath," and kellhus chops off his head. then in TWP when kellhus is strung up on the circumfix he sees a figure whom he identifies as the no-god sitting under a tree on a hill. and when kellhus finds the tree his father dwells beneath he notices it is on a hill. this struck me as some form of fore-shadowing. either that or it's a coincidence, and there seems to be far too many other corolating events throughout the stories that this is simply a coinkydink. maybe moenghus is the no-god, or maybe we're all the no-god? view post

Re: Who would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? posted 13 Jun 2008, 17:06 in General DiscusssionWho would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? by Cripdamind, Candidate

i think daniel craig (the new blonde james bond) would make a good kellhus, albeit he's a little old at this point. view post

Re: Esmi posted 26 Aug 2008, 13:08 in The Warrior ProphetEsmi by Cripdamind, Candidate

i have to agree with harrol on this. everyone in the story with the exception of conphas, cnaiur, and for about the last 100 pages achamian, were marionettes for kellhus' the puppetmaster; why should esmenet be different? in real life very strong women often fall for men who do not love them, and who beat them like clockwork. though, in the real world i think most of this comes from their search for validation from their abusive partner (which they'll never find), and in the story it comes from esmenet's lust for power and for a nice social status for her children. i don't see anything wrong with her ambition (which is what causes her split from achamian to continue even after achamian opens her eyes to the truth) and i think this triangle will play an important role in the upcoming books. view post

Re: Your favourite character? posted 28 Aug 2008, 22:08 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeYour favourite character? by Cripdamind, Candidate

[quote="Avariel600":wl0xvk6y]someone please tell me why Kellhus is in there? LOL I hate that b*stard[/quote:wl0xvk6y] what are you talking about? although i don't really identify with kellhus--nor any other character really--i think he's easily the best character in the poll. he's the only person with the abilities and the will (lol) to do what is necessary stop the consult from their goal of sealing off the world. he may be a little crazy, and pretty ruthless but he's still a good guy. after all, he's trying to stop the consult, and the only thing most people have against him is that he manipulates people. but what the critics don't realize is that everyone is always trying to manipulate everyone else, and that goes for the real world too. the only difference is that kellhus has up until now been 100% successful in his attempts to get people to do what he wants, and everyone else is a loser compared to him. but overall, it's a tie between kellhus and the entire consult, everything about those dudes is badass. their storied history, the inchoroi and their tekne, shauriatus(however it's spelled) and the mangaecca, mekeretrig and the nonmen erratics, and the mystery that surrounds them. i can't wait till the judging eye comes out and kellhus and the consult square off. view post

Re: Esmi posted 28 Aug 2008, 23:08 in The Warrior ProphetEsmi by Cripdamind, Candidate

my bad with the spoilers earlier, and if you don't want me to spoil anything else don't read this shit. *SPOILER ALERT* [quote="Avariel600":203c7igf]The idea behind Kellhus seducing Esmenet is due to her massive intellect and her ideal prospects as a mate and eventual breeding factory; she'll produce high quality children. I am let down because it seems that Bakker has painted a character that, out of everyone, SHOULD be wise to Kellhus' true ambitions, and yet she becomes very Serwe like, thinking that Kellhus loves her and "worshipping" him as a god as you've pointed out with that part of TTT. The sexist part comes from what the second response pointed out; that Esemenet realizes she's never been and never will be happier then when she was with Achamian in the desert when they escaped camping n the ruins with the rest of the Holy War for those five days; then she was living on caught game and rations, in a tent, with no one else around but Akka. Bakker started Esmi off with an admirable thirst for knowledge and the world and adventure in general, and somehow it's become a desire for power over an empire, even if it means becoming Kellhus' tool in order to maintain the status and wealth she's become privvy to. The fact that she even realizes that this is what's happened to her eventually makes it even worse; she's letting it happen to her willingly for materialistic and social gain? How did she start out such a deep, intuitive character, a whore of the flesh but never of the spirit, and basically turns into a "gold-digger", for lack of a better term? She speaks of being redeemed and yet in the end she's simply another sort of whore.[/quote:203c7igf] i can understand your sour mood about kellhus using esmi up until the point achamian tells esmi that kellhus is just using her. but once esmenet understands that kellhus doesn't really love her, if she still stays is she still just being used, or is she now using kellhus the same way he is using her? she wants to be powerful and have strong powerful children, kellhus is her tool to achieve all of this. what else could a woman who lives in the world of earwa hope to accomplish? besides, what are kellhus' true ambitions? to save the world from the consult using any means necessary. [quote="Avariel600":203c7igf]I think a lot of people regard this as sexist simply because most other female characters that are remotely prominent in the book don't have any place; Serwe was little more than an empty-headed pawn, and the only other real female influences are the emperor's mother and Esemenet. Esemenet had potential; and I think a lot of people are let down that instead of this potential being fully realized she's turned into another pawn. [/quote:203c7igf] scott has pointed out that earwa and the people living in earwa are a criticism on the medieval world, circa 1100 c.e. there are not many women in prominent roles because there were not very women in prominent roles in 1100 c.e. and this is not because scott is sexist, but because he's criticizing, harshly, the world our (male)ancestors allowed themselves to live in. [quote="Avariel600":203c7igf]The differences between Esmi and Cnaiur (sp) are that the barbarian realizes what the Dunyain really do after his encounters with Kellhus' father, and he had QUITE a different reaction than Esmenet does, if what you're saying is true about her truly "realizing" Kellhus in the third book.[/quote:203c7igf] the reason cnaiur has a different reaction is because he knows kellhus has no real need to use him--kellhus can't f*** cnaiur and make babies with him (pardon my language). you already pointed out that esmi has a tight little bod, and has a good head on her shoulders to boot. [quote="Avariel600":203c7igf]Maybe that was the point, that everyone in this series is simply a pawn.[/quote:203c7igf] i think that is one of many philosophical points scott is making, and i think that kellhus is not exempt from being used as a pawn--and i'm not talking about esmi using him for social status. [quote="Avariel600":203c7igf]I still love these books. but they break my heart, they do XD Very G.R.R. Martin reminiscent.[/quote:203c7igf] these have to be the best books i've read, and they are quite bittersweet. i'm afraid that kellhus is going to fail and the consult is going to close the world. view post

Re: Cnaiur-is he dead? posted 04 Sep 2008, 16:09 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Cnaiur-is he dead? by Cripdamind, Candidate

i found the scene at the end of TTT where cnaiur kisses moenghus and touches him with the chorae and the following events to be almost cryptic. it took me a couple tries to read it, but at the end of that scene, after cnaiur realizes that he killed moenghus i'm pretty sure cnaiur slits his own throat, and then everything goes black because he's bleeding to death. i'm gonna reiterate what someone else wrote in another thread. i think the "spirit" of cnaiur will live on through his son with serwe, who is ironically named moenghus. but i think cnaiur is done as a character, it would depreciate the significance of cnaiur's journey and his meeting with moenghus if he survives into the aspect emperor. view post

Re: Cnaiur-is he dead? posted 07 Sep 2008, 14:09 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Cnaiur-is he dead? by Cripdamind, Candidate

[quote="Harrol":2uwqego5]There is a sticking point that I see in regards to Cnaiur being gone for good. One of the last scenes where Aurang told the little boy a secret that not even death removes one from the plate.[/quote:2uwqego5] wait, that's what aurang told the little boy at shimeh? thanks, i was trying forever to figure out what he told the little boy. i just figured aurang was trying to get the little boy closer to him so he could rape the kid or something. view post

Re: The Judging Eye posted 24 Oct 2008, 15:10 in The Judging EyeThe Judging Eye by Cripdamind, Candidate

the cover of that book gives me a raging hard on. i can't wait. view post

Re: Kellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. posted 25 Oct 2008, 07:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. by Cripdamind, Candidate

after thinking about this for a while longer i'm wondering what's kellhus' motivation for dominating the world and his peers. is he still interested in becoming the self-moving soul? he does not support the consult's plan to shut earwa off from the outside; so does he truly think there is another way to allow himself and possibly other magic users to escape being damned for eternity? is he hoping to improve the overall living conditions and comfort level of the inhabitants of earwa if he is successful in his endeavor to destroy the consult? or if he is still solely seeking to become the self-moving soul, is he using everyone exclusively to further that goal? it seems to me that if you want to be a self-moving soul, then you'd want to remove all motivation or cause, and see what the effect of that would be. (that last sentence may sound retarded; i'm pretty f***ed up right now) i love the consult; from the little i know about them they sound like the baddest mofos in sci-fi/fantasy literature, and hopefully they're only going to get cooler as the story progresses. i kind of feel sorry for inchoroi for crash landing on earwa, but only in the way that i'd feel sorry for a lion charging me on the savanna if i was armed with an ak-47. view post

Re: The Judging Eye posted 26 Oct 2008, 20:10 in The Judging EyeThe Judging Eye by Cripdamind, Candidate

i think this is the paperback cover. looks weird, are those parentheses things the tusk? view post

Re: Is Kellus insane or not posted 02 Mar 2009, 21:03 in The Judging EyeIs Kellus insane or not by Cripdamind, Candidate

i'm pretty sure that moenghus was right in concluding that kellhus is a nutter. the narration of the entire series is colored by the subjective opinions and judgments of the characters. which to me, means that you can't take anything the characters believe as 100% fact. but the 'what has come before' section of each book seems to be the thing we can use to gauge the 'authenticity' of each narrations beliefs. and TJE's what has come before section clearly states that kellhus has gone mad. however, if these parts of the books are equally subjective in their analysis as the rest of the narration, then i'd recant my statement and probably agree with curethan that kellhus is crazy because he simply possesses goals that don't revolve around becoming the prime mover or whatever it was the dunyain sought sequestering themselves in ishual. which i would find as odd, because moenghus truly seemed to possess the same goal as kellhus currently does--saving the people of earwa from the machinations of the consult. view post

Re: Esme's Womb Corrupted? *Spoilers* posted 09 Jul 2009, 02:07 in The Judging EyeEsme's Womb Corrupted? *Spoilers* by Cripdamind, Candidate

i'm pretty sure it's kellhus' seed that's corrupted by the millennia of inbreeding between the relatively small population of ishualites. it's mentioned in TJE that all of kellhus' children with other women end up like the 'nameless ones' that esme births with eight arms and no eyes. on top of that, in the PON series, cnaiur recalls that his sister (presumably fathered by moenghus while he was in scylvendi captivity) was killed at birth because she was monstrous looking. originally i assumed that it was because she had norisai features such as blonde hair, but after reading the parts of TJE mentioning the "nameless ones" with their various deformities i believe this further evidences that the dunyain have fucked up their own genetics with incest. it is possible that esmenet is the problem but isn't it a little contrived to think that all of the women kellhus couples with are similarly defiled by the consult when occam and his razor would say that kellhus' genes are deleterious instead? his genes are the only thing that all of the mutant kids have in common. besides that though, why is he obsessed with having so many children: does he need a lot of them, or is he just aiming for one perfect child? my money says he's sending achaimian to ishual to find a full blooded dunyain anasurimbor son of his. just like moenghus sent for kellhus because maithanet was inadequate. though i can't imagine why, since things didn't work out so well for moenghus. view post


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