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Ishual posted 31 Oct 2008, 09:10 in General DiscusssionIshual by Ingalira, Commoner

After rereading the series I was wondering if Dunyain sanctuary of Ishual was a former Nonmen mansion, the name itself is nonmen in origin and in TTT when Kellhus first comes into the mansion where his father is staying he remarks that it reminds him of Ishual. The thousand thousand halls sounds to me like a gallery of nonmen construction which was expanded for Dunyain purposes. view post

Re: The Judging Eye posted 20 Jan 2009, 00:01 in The Judging EyeThe Judging Eye by Ingalira, Commoner

Just received my copy today and in a few days will start posting my thoughts, have been waiting a long time for this day. :D :D view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 23 Jan 2009, 00:01 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Favourite new character. by Ingalira, Commoner

I voted for Cleric, for me he was the first breathtaking look at what all Nonmen must be like to some degree after all this time. His sometimes lucid memories coupled with his consistent inability to recall important details about his own past was fascinating, the prolouge chapter with Mekertrig in the first book only whetted the appetite while this was a large snack. Somewhere in another forum Scott stated that the Bashrag were created the way they were to compensate for the epic physical strenght of the Nonmen and Clerics battle in Cil-Aujas shows just this fact in the way he was able to handle three Chorae packing Bashrag and a host of crazed Sranc all by himself and come back unharmed shows how awesome his people were as fighters. I am still left wondering if Incariol was a great among his own people or rather a standard of what all Cunuri were like. The mystery of his true indentity will play a large part in the upcoming books, with Akka saying that someone as powerfuf as him would be known to him with only a few thousand Nonmen left. The other great part was the discussion about how the Nonmen of the mansion kept human concubines and fervently hoped to impregnate them and so renew their hole race as I wondered why the Nonmen did not take this course of action when reading the previous books. There is little wonder the Inchoroi do not attack the last Nonmen mansion even though it is upon ther very doorstep, the losses would be monumental with no sure sign of success. How exactly did the humans who possessed stone tools manage to overthrow the first mansions without being wiped out? view post

Re: Consensus so far? posted 23 Jan 2009, 23:01 in The Judging EyeConsensus so far? by Ingalira, Commoner

I thought the book on the whole was awesome! But the main problem I see with this book and which has mentioned by others is that it is not a standalone novel like all the othe novels. Only the Akka storyline which involves this Cleric fellow you are hearing about has any conclusion what so ever, the others just stop where they are. It is clear that this novel is a setup for the reintroduction of Earwa in its current state, and from here the true consequences of the second apocylypse will start becoming apparent. The Sranc and Nonmen have much page time this time around and are quite fascinating, although there are great characters in the Great Ordeal such as Kellhuss's children only appear in a few pages and the Consult does not make a single appearance beside two skin spies. The board has been set and now Bakker will launch this story into the stratosphere in upcoming releases. view post

Re: Maithanet posted 24 Jan 2009, 00:01 in The Judging EyeMaithanet by Ingalira, Commoner

For those that have read TJE I wanted to talk about Maithanet, with all of Kellhuss' children having most of his Dunyain abilities it struck that Maithanet is a slightl downgrade from his older brother. But with the apocylypse coming it seemed strange that the second most powerful man in the empire had fatherd no children that we could see, with all of Esmenet's trouble giving birth to live sane children it seemed like a good idea to produce more part Dunyain children through Maithanet genes. Maybe it was a result of his position as Shriah which seemed to be assumed to be abstinate. view post


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