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Question about the ending of TWP *Spoiler Warning* posted 08 Sep 2005, 16:09 in Author Q & AQuestion about the ending of TWP *Spoiler Warning* by Megadas, Commoner

I'm having a little difficulty seperating the reality from the conjured illusion regarding the "ressurection" of Kelhus at the end of TWP. From what I have been able to gather, after re-reading several times, Kelhus never died, however he did loose control over "legion", or his emotions. This I can understand. Immediately following this he stumbled upon TTT. However, once he is cut from Serwe and stands, things start happening that are a bit further away from reality than I can process. Exactly what is occuring when Kelhus pulls his heart from his chest and holds it over his head? Is this an illusion that he is perpetrating in front of his new disciples? Or is this meant to be taken litteraly, that he is in fact now immortal and has no further need for a beating heart? Thanks in advance! view post

Who's Jack posted 12 Oct 2005, 20:10 in Author Q & ATTT cover by Megadas, Commoner

Who do I deluge with PM's for an image of the cover? Thanks view post

posted 20 Nov 2005, 02:11 in Author Q & AThe Thousandfold Thought - Paperback? Large print? Hard... by Megadas, Commoner

There will be a hard cover edition right? I'd love to complete my set.. view post


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