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posted 07 Feb 2007, 17:02 in Literature DiscussionA Song of Ice and Fire to Become TV Series by fixedMind, Commoner

I think the potential for the adaptation of aSoIaF is high, groundbreaking even. Especially with Martin signed on as a producer/writer. My guess is that he would fight his hardest to make sure that his brainchild isn't distorted in the least. I am a HUGE fan of this series and will be holding my breath in anticipation until we see Lord Eddard give an earless man a taste of Ice. view post

posted 07 Feb 2007, 18:02 in Literature Discussiondark tower? by fixedMind, Commoner

The Dark Tower is one of my favorite series. King is a prolific writer who has inumerable ways to take hold of his reader. Guiding them through strangly fascinating surroundings, or dragging them through tragically currupted landscapes. The plot does get convoluted in places, but King's vision always left me wanting more after each book. King himself has called The Tower his opus, stating in so many words, that The Dark Tower envelopes almost all the worlds he has brought to life. view post

posted 07 Feb 2007, 18:02 in Literature DiscussionSaga of Dune : The end? by fixedMind, Commoner

Dune is my favorite Sci-Fi series. Ive read all the books, and while it is painfully obvious at times that it is not Frak Herbert wrting the newer books, I was not dissapointed with the final result. I had no problem burning through the "Machine War" trilogy, as well as the "House ___" trilogy. Hunters of Dune kept me sucked in throughout. I think a lot of readers get jaded by Frank Herbert's brilliance. They then turn and hold the new additions up against the originals, which ulitimately results in dissapointment. It's like holding a beautiful diamond up against a star in the sky on a cloudless night. I can respect people's opinions, and I know that a lot of people have been dissapointed by the new additions to the world of Dune, I'm just glad that I'm not one of them. view post

posted 07 Feb 2007, 20:02 in Literature DiscussionWraeththu series by Storm Constantine by fixedMind, Commoner

I enjoyed the Wraeththu trilogy, I haven't read the second one, though I may still someday. Took me a few reading sessions to adjust to the subject matter and almost gothic( I use the word literally) writing style, but once I did I enjoyed it immensly. Definatley worth the read. view post


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