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'Keneic' script posted 20 Jul 2004, 02:07 in Author Q & ALanguage by Azimuth Fusc, Commoner

I have some questions about the vertical 'keneic' script used in TDTCB and TWP. When I saw Scott's books (the Canadian editions) for the first time, the vertical script immediately reminded me of Mongolian, an alphabetic script traditionally written in a vertical fashion. Is this style of Mongolian writing the inspiration behind the 'keneic' script of Earwa, or is it a mere coincidence that 'keneic' & Mongolian look so similar (at least to my eyes)? Who designed the look of 'keneic' script? Was it Scott? David Rankine? Scott and David together? The decorative elements incorporated into the various examples of 'keneic' script have a quasi-mediaeval/Celtic/Arabic/Indian feel to them -- very cool! Is this, too, the result of collaboration between Scott and David? I can hardly wait to see what the 3rd book of the PON trilogy will look like! view post


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