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posted 14 Jun 2005, 09:06 in The Warrior ProphetKellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion by azdahak, Candidate

Kellhus is a nietzschian übermensch as he has risen beyond the moral and social expectations of human society. I think the second book shows that having an übermensch around is a bad thing for ordinary people. It was painful to read his seduction of Esmë and Achamians reactions, but perhaps it was necessary to "burn" Akka's humanity away so that he could be a "weapon" for Kellhus. HOT view post

posted 14 Jun 2005, 10:06 in The Warrior ProphetAchamian vs. Kellhus: faith vs. certainty by azdahak, Candidate

I would say that the difference between Akka and Kellhus isn't fath vs certainty, but scepicism vs certainty. Achamian has a true sceptical mindset and questions almost everything. Kellhus has the certainty of the fanatic, not that he believes in the "cause", but an utter faith in his own abilities. As one sees at the end of this book it backfires, although he wins his life and position back and doesn't seem to have learnt anything from the experience (at least not yet). After reading it again I get the feeling that the key is gonna be Achamians scepticism noot Kellhus' "certainty" or perhaps "hubris". HOT view post

posted 14 Jun 2005, 11:06 in Literature DiscussionBest Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! by azdahak, Candidate

The opening of Memories of Ice, where we meet Kallor for the first time and find out that the most utter bastard and evil person in the Malazan univers is a human and not only that he defies the gods!!! :shock: HOT view post

posted 14 Jun 2005, 13:06 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by azdahak, Candidate

Nice discussion. I'll try to post something later about the extended discussion, but for now I return to the original topic. Hi I'm new here and my beliefs are thus: Sceptical, Atheist, Naturalist, Epicurean. HOT view post

posted 14 Jun 2005, 13:06 in Philosophy DiscussionOrson Scott Card and Homosexual Marriage by azdahak, Candidate

I think that Marriage should be a State matter, not a Church matter. Getting married is about getting a legal status bedfore the State. Denying such a fundamental right to homosexual IS unconstitutional. If people want a church blessing afterwards, it's up to the church if it wants to extend it's blessings to ANY union. I got sick of OSC a long time ago after he stopped writing SF/Fantasy and started using his books for proselytizing instead. :evil: HOT view post

posted 14 Jun 2005, 13:06 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat philosopher suits you most? by azdahak, Candidate

Epicurus and Hume! HOT view post

posted 17 Jun 2005, 22:06 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat happens when your soul leaves your body? by azdahak, Candidate

What soul? I have mind, not soul (and so does you). :wink: HOT view post

Re: Ah posted 17 Jun 2005, 22:06 in Philosophy DiscussionOrson Scott Card and Homosexual Marriage by azdahak, Candidate

[quote="Kidruhil Lancer":lhx3856f] I'm curious about your statement having to do with gay animals. The transgender one about animal's is valid because there are species that can switch their genders... (frogs, I think..).. but saying that gay animal's exhist in the wild is... a stretch. For one thing, instinct is a powerful thing in the animal kingdom. And for another thing... ( and I'm sure this will have people wanting to lynch me )... I think there is a neccessary level of intelligence needed for such a thing. Animal's are just animal's. They only know instinct and their instincts wouldn't tell them to try breeding with another creature of the same gender..[/quote:lhx3856f] Homosexuality in animals is actually quite common as [url=]this[/url:lhx3856f] National Geographic article shows. When homosexuality is so prevalent in nature, I would deem it "natural" and certainly not a "crime against nature" Haakon view post

posted 17 Jun 2005, 23:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionErikson? by azdahak, Candidate

[quote="SEF":3obioevm]Steven Erikson blows me away. This is not your mother's standard D&D, ooh boy that grates the nerves when people make such ill shortened anal retentive observances. [/quote:3obioevm] I think it's your mothers GURPS, if I recall correctly. :wink: Erikson is my fave, but Martin and Bakker is not that far behind. All in all a dastardly trio! :P HOT view post

posted 29 Jun 2005, 04:06 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by azdahak, Candidate

One difference between Europe and the US is when we talk about liberalism it's almost always economic liberalism. The US has gone from being a economical liberal nation to one of corporate liberalism by dismantling anti-thrust laws and allowing price fixing. Classical (economic) liberalism lets the market more or less handle it self, but requires capitalistic nations to have laws to secure the market against cornering. After the recent tarrifs and the all-consuming power of the corporations it's fair to say that the United States of America is NOT a free-market nation. Coming from a nation that's been social democratic (not Sweden, the other one ;) ) for a long time with some liberalist periods between, I can tell you it's a good and safe system to live under. Low poverty means low crime rates as well as more productive individuals (consumers). Yes we have high taxes, but we also have a high awarenes for what those taxes pay for (universal healthcare, roads, welfare). If you lose your job, it's not freeloading NOT having to sell your house while you're waiting for the next one. We might have to wait a bit for non-chritical operations, but it's free! Having a condition that requires expensive medicine? Everything above $250 is paid by the state. I can't really see how this can be wrong and apparently the UN can't either as they rated it the best country to live in. The poster below hasn't got a clue what he's talking about when it comes to self defense. Many of us that leans to the left (at least for you americans) have qualms of ATTACKING other nations and people. That doesn't mean that people who comes against us with weapons and bad intent isn't fair game. We humans are survival-machines after all!! An please remember amadah that the reason for international diplomacy after WW2 is that the "OTHER" side also has thermonuclear weapons! So don't wave your dick around too much would you. I want a future on this planet even if you don't! HOT view post

posted 29 Jun 2005, 04:06 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat happens when your soul leaves your body? by azdahak, Candidate

Oblivion before this life and oblivion after! You might say I'm an egalitarian buddhist as I believe in "nirvana" for everyone! ;) view post

posted 29 Jun 2005, 04:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionPrince of Nothing Film by azdahak, Candidate

Takeshi Miike, no doubt about it! view post


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