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How can I get an autograph/paragraph ? posted 12 Nov 2005, 01:11 in Author Q & AHow can I get an autograph/paragraph ? by kevin, Commoner

Hey, I have had The Prince of Nothing on my shelf for over a year and finally blew the dust off and read it. Needless to say I am about 1/4 into Warrior Prophet. What are the chances of paying for a handwritten paragraph or autograph ? I think that would be awesome to have and hang on the wall framed or an index card with your autograph. I wish I had Frank Herbert but that is impossible. Also please tell me that TTT is not the end. How about a story of Seswatha and the formation of the Mandate etc. view post

Book Signing posted 19 Nov 2005, 01:11 in Author Q & ANot a question, just congratulations! by kevin, Commoner

Yeah Scott, any chance you might be doing a book signing in Fort Walton Beach Florida ? Didnt think so, some of us dont live anywhere near Ontario. There is no way I can say " Honey I am taking a weeks vacation and heading to Ontario to get my KickAss book signed " I believe my shit would be in the front yard before I left. Thats why I believe some of your fans would be willing to send a check for an autograph "index card, book marker, napkin , tissue or replica heron spear. Hey if the Highlander tv series can make theres why not you. Anyways the check is coming. view post

Battle of Titans posted 19 Nov 2005, 11:11 in Author Q & ABattle of Titans by kevin, Commoner

I still have about 100 pages left in Warrior Prophet, but I had to write and tell you that was the best fight scene ever. It wasnt Kellus catching arrows , it was that little @#$% doll versus the tabby. What concerns me is that after Akka and Xin escape there was no mention of the Wathi Doll. Did he save it along with Xin? And also, do all you have to do is speak its name and it will come to you, no matter the distance ? view post

Prince of Nothing gone in 40 years posted 24 Nov 2005, 17:11 in Author Q & APrince of Nothing gone in 40 years by kevin, Commoner

Hey Scott, as a published author I would like your take on hardback books that are put out today. The average life span of a hardback book from what I have heard is between 40-50 years but books created 200 years or later will still be around ( of course were talkin calf skin bound, marbled boards etc ). Will there ever be a leather bound edition in my lifetime (of this series ) ? I have seen first editions of The Davinci Code ( which is a great book and soon to be blockbuster movie ) going for over a 1000 bucks but they will never be able to pass it on to there kids. The rarest book I own is The Dune Encyclopedia Hard Back and of course the pages are starting to turn yellow etc. I am starting to reread your series (which kicks ass ) and this time I am going to create my own Earwa Encyclopedia(for myself cause there is a lot of info ) Looking forward to The Thousandfold Thought (leatherbound with autograph made out to " To my favorite chanv addict Kevin " view post


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