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posted 16 Jun 2007, 01:06 in Literature DiscussionParadise Lost by IcarusXIII, Candidate

I've got massive hard backs with associated art work for this and Dante's Divine Comedy. They would be the focus of my study if I had one, so untill I get a bigger house they just have to stay in storage. view post

posted 18 Jun 2007, 15:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by IcarusXIII, Candidate

Clenching the fists of dissent- Machine Head It's a change of pace from the Traveling Wilburys view post

posted 21 Jun 2007, 22:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by IcarusXIII, Candidate

Thunderhorse-Dethklok view post

posted 23 Jun 2007, 23:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by IcarusXIII, Candidate

VAST, the entire nude album. It's just awsome. view post

posted 23 Jun 2007, 23:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionRome by IcarusXIII, Candidate

Season 2 just started here in the UK. So far so good. view post

posted 26 Jun 2007, 01:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by IcarusXIII, Candidate

Right I do appologise if this is flogging a dead horse but I've not read all the posts in this topic but I wanted to add my 10 quid. He's deffinately Bi-sexual at the very least. I mean he does seem to love Serwe in a strange and twisted way, not at first that I think is as has been said him acting out of denial, but the scene in TTT when he mentions to the skin spy serwe that their child would have been conceived in moutains like the ones they are in, he seems touched with regret almost. Also how anyone could doubt his sexuality after the final scene with Moengus is beyond me, he openly states the the collapse into a stronger mans arms is what he loved about Moengus, which is understandable given how he's never had anyone to fall back on before, allways being driven to be stronger meaner and more aggressive. The reason I'd say bi-sexual instead of saying he's actually gay is the way he does seemt o fall in love with Serwe, or at least the idea of her, I mean at the end he is poised to cut his own throat untill the skin spy approaches him as her and then he changes his mind. Cnaiur was without a doubt my favourite character in all the books by quite some way. I've never came across a single character in any work of fiction whos captured my imagination quite as much. He better crop up in the Aspect Emperor arc at somepoint. view post

posted 26 Jun 2007, 01:06 in Literature DiscussionWhy read fantasy? by IcarusXIII, Candidate

I've been really into fantasy since I was young. I used to spend time with a bunch of kids who were 4 years older than me, one of them was a massive Warhammer/Tolkein fan and it started there. I did kinda go off fantasy for a while because I hadn't found anything decent to read and I was so unfamiliar with the genre to even know were to start so I went right off it. I only got back into fantasy when my mums fiance bought me Eriksons Gardens of the Moon two years ago and that was me hooked. Then this Christmas he gave me TDTCB and WP, which after reading another string of awful fantasy books while waiting for Reapers Gale was a breath of fresh air. view post

posted 26 Jun 2007, 01:06 in Literature DiscussionWhy Bakker by IcarusXIII, Candidate

The main reason (aside from the tide of raw awsome that is Cnaiur) Bakker never seems to pull his punches and I like that in an author. view post

posted 27 Jun 2007, 14:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by IcarusXIII, Candidate

re-reading freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Even if you don't study Ecconomics (which I do) it's a good read. view post

posted 27 Jun 2007, 14:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by IcarusXIII, Candidate

The new Paradise Lost album In Requiem. I've seen these guys almost everytime they've played Scotland in the last 5 years and I've been looking forward to the new album since they played a song from it at the last gig. view post

posted 28 Jun 2007, 00:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker ruined it for me. by IcarusXIII, Candidate

Is the first black company novel worth finishing? It completely failed to grab me right off the bat so I never bothered. view post

Re: OK Creation - but why? posted 12 Jul 2007, 14:07 in Philosophy DiscussionOK Creation - but why? by IcarusXIII, Candidate

[quote="Curethan":1hzf34yp]I was thinking. If Creationism (in any form) is taken to be true - i.e. and some kind of entity created the earth and all us germs, according to some kind of plan, doesn't it follow that the great philosophical question would be: why? - on a level above 'why am I here?', more like, 'why is everything here'?. I mean, does God just make a universe and pop it in the gallery and leave it to the art dealers to try and sell, or was it just to piss me off?[/quote:1hzf34yp] Haha great point. Thats whats allways troubled me about religious people, it's okay to keep saying god has a plan but not one of them has considered why he bothered with creation or a long term plan being a supposedly infinate and all powerful being surely he could have just started at the end and been happy (save all the smiting, jelousy and meglomania). Surely if there is a god it was just as supprised to exist as we would be to actually find it. Just think all alone surrounded by nothing and in an act of blind panic it brings an entire Universe into existance. -edit. Does god ever wonder why he's here? view post


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