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posted 22 Dec 2005, 22:12 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is your favorite sport? by dtgooden, Commoner

I'm surprised that on a fantasy site no one mentioned fencing. I've been involved in the sport for almost 14 years (on and off). Personally I enjoy Epee, which is a long sharp piece of hard steel and is used in the context of - I get you before you get me. That's the main rule and it is fierce. Same as martial arts, the sport of one-on-one competition for your own life is intense. Think chess at 90 MPH adreniline roaring speed. view post

posted 22 Dec 2005, 23:12 in Off-Topic DiscussionHot Seed by dtgooden, Commoner

As long as it's hot and black... now I need a coffee and a cigarette. view post

posted 22 Dec 2005, 23:12 in Literature DiscussionChina Mieville by dtgooden, Commoner

(over a year now) - Did you ask him why he chose an anti-climatic political statement for The Iron Council, rather than something of enjoyment for his fantasy readers? view post

Serwe's burning heart posted 22 Dec 2005, 23:12 in Author Q & ASerwe's burning heart by dtgooden, Commoner

I looked, but I didn't see asked this anywhere else. After hanging from the tree, did Kellhus pull out his own burning heart or was it really Serwe's?? I saw it both ways and I'm confused. view post

posted 23 Dec 2005, 13:12 in Author Q & ASerwe's burning heart by dtgooden, Commoner

thanks! view post

posted 25 Dec 2005, 23:12 in Off-Topic DiscussionBad, bad book. BAAAD. by dtgooden, Commoner

Agreeing with Ashmael, I didn't like the next one either, Iron Council. The first half was interesting, and quite an interesting fantasy/sci style. The rest was crap and the ending a poor political statement rather than even a reasonably interesting finish. view post


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