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TTFT Available Now In Canada posted 12 Jan 2006, 21:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtTTFT Available Now In Canada by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I'm new here but just wanted to let everyone know that TTFT is now available at your local Chapters. view post

posted 26 Feb 2006, 21:02 in Author Q & ARPG? by Gregor Lux, Candidate

How about using NWN or NWN2 when it comes out? I think they would be great programs to use to create a persistent world and Earwa would be quite easy to adapt to NWN. view post

posted 27 Feb 2006, 23:02 in Author Q & ARPG? by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I've converted all my old PnP D&D games to NWN now. With all my friends scattered across North America this is now the only way to get together for our ongoing campaigns. NWN is exactly like tabletop except of course it is a videogame. With the toolset it is very easy to put together things you've read or seen. view post

posted 15 Mar 2006, 00:03 in Tour and Signing InformationTORONTO, March 31st to April 2nd by Gregor Lux, Candidate

Excellent news. I was kicking myself that I couldn't make it to the Uof T reading. Now I'll get a chance to meet you. Considering how much enjoyment I've gotten out of reading your books, I definitely owe you a few beers. So what do you drink? view post

posted 15 Mar 2006, 18:03 in Tour and Signing InformationTORONTO, March 31st to April 2nd by Gregor Lux, Candidate

Excellent then. My father is from Newcastle and I've always like the Brown Ale and Keith's is my current fav. view post

posted 15 Mar 2006, 18:03 in Author Q & ARPG? by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I remember the good old days of gaming. A group of friends and myself started playing AD&D in the early 80's and then university, girls, and careers got in the way. We are now scattered throughout North America but since 2002 have revisited the old campaign and play it using NWN (Neverwinter Nights). The DM lives in Kentucky now and runs the game from there and we play about once or twice a month now. We joke around about how 20 years ago if we could imagine looking forward to future who would have thought that we would be able to get together for D&D gaming nights using computers. It seems much more interesting to keep in touch this way than by just chatting by e-mail or on the phone. The wives don't compain as it keeps us out of trouble doing other things. view post

The Aspect Emperor, Inrithism, Fanimry, and the Schools posted 15 Mar 2006, 20:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Aspect Emperor, Inrithism, Fanimry, and the Schools by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I was blown away by the ending of TTT and how Kellhus's true nature is beginning to show. This is definitely some of Scott's best writing. [i:3jpylogd]"With me everything is rewritten, Your books, your parables, and your prayers, all that was your custom, are now nothing more than childhood curiosities. For too long the Truth languished in the vulgar hearts of Men. What you call tradition is naught but artifice, the fruit of your vanity, of your lust, of your fear and your hate. "With me, all souls shall find a more honest footing. With me, all the world is born anew!"[/i:3jpylogd] Looking foward, can we have some fun and should we speculate as to what the future shall mean particularly for the religions and sorcery? I know that as Scott is busy writing The Aspect-Emperor he has all the answers but can we have a little fun speculating? I mean should we all expect the schools and religions to interact peacefully? Will Maithenet, Iyokus, and the Quorum all become chums? Will there be any sort of resistance to Kellhus? view post

posted 17 Mar 2006, 17:03 in The Thousandfold Thoughtjust finished the thousandfold thought by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I would highly recommend Erikson's series. It is an incredible read. Very detailed and complex and still Erikson hasn't revealed most of his world. Book 6 "The Bonehunters" comes out in Canada on April 25th. Those lucky to live in the UK and Europe have been reading it since March 1st. I actually learned about Erikson and Bakker through a newspaper ad with Erikson praising Bakker. view post

posted 17 Mar 2006, 19:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionHow did you get your username? by Gregor Lux, Candidate

My name is for one of my D&D characters. view post

posted 18 Mar 2006, 15:03 in Author Q & AReaders Choice Awards by Gregor Lux, Candidate

Excellent news!! Congratulations!! Now, how can we spread the word to others about how great this series truly is? For me, hands down, it has such an incredible detail to world building that makes it stand way above all others. I mean, look at all the little details of back history Scott puts into all three books to make it incredibly believable. view post

posted 02 Apr 2006, 15:04 in Tour and Signing InformationTORONTO, March 31st to April 2nd by Gregor Lux, Candidate

Scott, I just wanted to say thanks to taking some time at Ad Astra over lunch and a few beers to discuss [i:2s06nfgm]The Prince of Nothing[/i:2s06nfgm], the fantasy genre, and the publishing industry in general. It's not very often I get a chance to sit and discuss things with one of my favourite authors. I really enjoyed the conversations and some of the insights you had to offer on [i:2s06nfgm]Prince of Nothing[/i:2s06nfgm] and thanks for the personal signings of the books. You have really wetted my appetite for [i:2s06nfgm]Aspect Emperor [/i:2s06nfgm]and [i:2s06nfgm]Neuropath[/i:2s06nfgm]. I look forward to meeting you again. view post

posted 03 Apr 2006, 22:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSeswatha's dreams. by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I think it may have to do with Akka's changed perception of Kellhus or somehow a warning is being sent to Akka. Now that Akka has realized much of what one gives up in following Kellhus it may have caused a subtle shift in how he sees the dreams. I definitely think this will become important in the future. view post

posted 03 Apr 2006, 22:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionStarring "Insert Actor Here" as Kelhuss! by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I definitely like Ben Kingsley for Eleazaras. Great post with all those pictures. view post

posted 03 Apr 2006, 22:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Gregor Lux, Candidate

Always Stereolab. view post

posted 03 Apr 2006, 22:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe No-God by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I think this is what makes our anticipation for Aspect Emperor so high - the questions surrounding the origins of the No-God and the role of the No-God in the future. I'm still making my mind up on what I think of the No-God. All I can safely think of is that it was either summoned or manufactured and many of the post are clearly helping my make my decision. (Thanks EE for you well-thought out views). My take on the future is that if and when the No-God returns it will be in a much different form than previously. Definitely something we may not expect. view post

posted 04 Apr 2006, 22:04 in Off-Topic Discussionwhat do you do by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I'm a grade 5 elementary school teacher. I used to be an accountant but switched to teaching due to some moral issues with the financial mindset. I really enjoy teaching but after spending a day with the little monsters its nice to relax reading or doing computer stuff. view post

The Bonehunters and Steven Erikson posted 15 Apr 2006, 17:04 in Literature DiscussionThe Bonehunters and Steven Erikson by Gregor Lux, Candidate

Well, I've just picked up the Bonehunters at my local Chapters and I was wondering if anybody has read it yet and what are your views. I won't get to this until I finish my reread of TWP and TTT ( I need to in order to keep up with all the amazing posts by Warrior Poet and EE). Anyway, I'm hoping Bonehunters will be good as I think this will be a make or break point in the series for me. I thought Deadhouse Gates and Memopries of Ice were fantastic but the novels since only so-so. It seems as Erikson has progressed with the series the story has become more fantastical and confusing. I would rather have hoped that things would start making sense. To be honest I can't remember much of the main story arc now. view post

posted 15 Apr 2006, 17:04 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeInri Sejenus VS. Jesus Christ by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I think its the similarities with our history the make the Prince of Nothing series so good as a fantasy series. The basis of the settings, characters, and religions are fairly obvious and very much intentional. This makes the series believable and allows Scott to weave many elements of our historical, philisophical and moral attitudes within the story. I've never read a series where the magic system makes sense as it does here and this is due in many ways to how it relates to philosophy. As I've read the series I feel I've been immersed in a history book rather than a fantasy series. view post

posted 17 Apr 2006, 00:04 in Literature DiscussionThe Bonehunters and Steven Erikson by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I picked it up at my local Chapters in Ajax. They had about 10 copies. It's a pretty hefty book at about 900 pages. I'm looking forward to getting into it soon. Hopefully, things will start to fall into place and it features Mappo and Icarium - two of my favourite characters. view post

PON vs MBOF vs ASOIAF posted 30 Apr 2006, 03:04 in Literature DiscussionPON vs MBOF vs ASOIAF by Gregor Lux, Candidate

There are some interesting threads and discussions going on in the MBOF and ASOIAF forums regarding Scott and the PON series. It has been very interesting to follow these and read some insights as to other people's thoughts on the favourite series. There are many who can't stand the PON series. Generally Scott is getting slagged on the MBOF board because his series does not have the complexity or depth of the Malazan series and Kellhus seems to be far too powerful. Hard to believe when you think of Caladan Brood who can level and create mountain ranges with his hammer and the multitude of D&D epic level characters that are common in the Malazan universe. On the ASOIAF boards those who don't like PON are put off mainly because of Scott's portrayal of women. Others think his writing is boring and lacks any characterization. Some believe it is just philosophical drivel. Some are very harsh in their criticism. I have read all three series and have enjoyed them immensely. I sampling of my views are: I like Erikson's Malazan series because it is probably the best D&D type fantasy out there (far better than Salvatore's Dr'izz'zz'z'z''ttt' garbage), it has great battle scenes, and I love the Warrens magic system. I just wish he could finally agree on his world map - I get very confused when I see ice fields and tundra on continents that I think should be near the equator. I like Martin's ASOIAF for the characterizations, the political intrigue, the fact that any character can and will be killed, and the distinct lack of powerful magic (so far) in a very magical world. The magic surrounding the Others and Dany and the dragons works very well. I like Bakker because of the realism of Earwa and the Holy War and the thought put into creating a believable history and background for this world. I like it because Kellhus is a super-being clearly being set up for a stupendous fall (at least, that's what I think will happen in Aspect Emperor when the No-God gets a hold of him). What are others' views? It is very interesting how people can be very passionate about their favourite series and really slag those they don't like. When I read these critiques I wonder if I've read the same books they have and how we could have such opposite reactions. I guess everything is in the eye of the beholder. view post

posted 09 May 2006, 21:05 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhere in the world is R. Scott Bakker? by Gregor Lux, Candidate

I met him at Ad Astra April 1 last month. In speaking with him I know he is busy fine-tuning and shopping around Neuromancer and he is also busy with Aspect-Emperor. view post

posted 11 May 2006, 22:05 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhere in the world is R. Scott Bakker? by Gregor Lux, Candidate

Oops, my bad lol. I meant Neuropath but said Neuromancer. I wonder if they will ever get mixed up in the future. view post


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