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Dunyain posted 19 Jan 2006, 20:01 in Author Q & ARegarding the Dunyain by Dexious, Candidate

Dunyain are conditioned. Meaning they are completely present and aware. I don't believe it is about being in control of the situation. I think it is more about using the worlds influence mixed with personal manipulation to "take the shortest path". Two Dunyains with conflicting objectives? Let's not forget they are human. It would be logical to say not all Dunyain share the same strengths and weaknesses. I suppose we will see a Dunyain confrontation in TTT but it would seem that with all of the conditioning, even with worldly influence, they would come to the same conclusion and agree on a common goal. view post

Dunyain posted 19 Jan 2006, 21:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Destruction of the Dunyain by Dexious, Candidate

I'm sorry, I don't have the books to refer to. I lent them out for my nephew to enjoy. I was under the impression that the Dunyain entered the temple to kill themselves when Kellhus left on his mission. Not knowing the content of the dream Moenghus sent, I assumed it in some way tainted their life. Maybe I metaphorically mis-read. It would seem odd for a society to off themselves over a dream when after the first apocolypse and the battle with the No-God they sought refuge in the secret castle of the Emperor Anasurimbor. Wouldn't that reality have tainted their life enough to have given up at that point instead of knocking on the gates of Ishual? view post

Stuck in the US posted 19 Jan 2006, 21:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtTTFT Available Now In Canada by Dexious, Candidate

Cool cover. Thanks for the view. I'm stuck in the States waiting for the release. It was supposed to be today Jan. 19 but the local books stores don't have them and can't give an exact date of arrival. Looking forward to the read. view post

posted 20 Jan 2006, 18:01 in Author Q & APrince of Nothing on TV/Big Screen by Dexious, Candidate

I agree with gyrehead. You would not want to sacrifice your story for a paycheck on a low budget fantasy movie that no one will watch (aside from your loyal fans who will surely be disappointed). It deserves much more. I think increasing your fan base will prove much more valuable. Let Hollywood come to you. You have talked of different mediums. Have you thought of graphic novels as an option? There is a world of comic book readers here in the U.S. who would love this story. If you work directly with the artist, I'm sure you would have the creative control to tell the story properly. Plus, the story board for a movie is already completed. Sad but true, there are powerful people in Hollywood who still need pictures with their stories (as do many Americans). Anyway, thanks for writing PoN. I've enjoyed the books and promote them to everyone I know who will appreciate the story. I look forward to TTT, which at the moment is still unavailable in book stores here. I got a tip from another fan to check out I'll look into it as my patience is wearing. view post

TTT posted 20 Jan 2006, 22:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtTTFT Available Now In Canada by Dexious, Candidate

Thanks for the tip. I check it out. view post

The next bastard posted 09 Mar 2006, 04:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAnasurimbor Maithanet? by Dexious, Candidate

What about the unborn child? Since Kellhus and Esmenet are not technically married, that child will be yet another bastard Anasurimbor. I thought I heard The Aspect Emperor takes place 20 years later. If that's true then that child, girl or boy, could be the Harbinger. Seems to me though, if the next apocolypse does occur, that's a big if considering the ending of TTT, it would have to be Kellhus, with his delusions of grandeur, creating the apocolypse. He is completely capable as we all know and if he is already starting to loose it now, what will he be like in 20. view post

posted 14 Mar 2006, 18:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAnasurimbor Maithanet? by Dexious, Candidate

Just counting on Kellhus to be the traditional Anasurimbor father. That's all. view post

crack in a cold heart posted 14 Mar 2006, 18:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThey make us love??? by Dexious, Candidate

I believe Cnaiur was talking about Moenghus and Kellhus or Dunyain in general. I don't think his upbringing as a Scylvandi warrior had much love in it. He felt this foreign emotion through both Moenghus and Kellhus. That's what I got. I already lent the book out so I can't refer to it but I think Cnaiur is scared of his emotions. view post

posted 24 Mar 2006, 02:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThousand fold thought ultimately flawed? by Dexious, Candidate

I believed that was the Consult's plan the whole time. Influencing the Three Seas to destroy themselves then attack with full force. I pegged Maithanet as the No-God until it was revealed who he was. Wrong guess I guess. It also seems the Consult is ready yet. Kellhus has big job ahead of him in uniting the Three Seas but it looks like he has the right connections to do so. Most of his job is done. The Thousandfold Thought may prove that Kellhus is flawed, not the story. Maybe he didn't see everything that came before. He took the shortest path to complete his mission to kill Moenghus. Did he understand how the shortest path might affect the future? What's his new plan? The shortest path to the Apocolypse? Achamian better find The Heron Spear and quick (twenty years quick). I believe Moenghus was right. He is loosing it. I think Kellhus "found" God when he was tied up with Serwe. He discovered The Thousandfold Thought and has been broken emotionally. He cried for the first time. I think he prayed for the first time too. Not to mention his delusions of grandeur. AE looks like it's shaping up to be another fun read. Quick question to all: Do you think Achamian will ever kneel to Kellhus? I hope not. view post

posted 15 Dec 2006, 23:12 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSkin-Spies have Souls by Dexious, Candidate

This is a fairly old topic and most have probably moved on but here I go anyway. Perhaps the skin spy obtained a soul in a similar way a Wathi Doll does. The soul was somehow trapped in the skin spy. Maybe we should ask a Sansori witch. As for the rape of Esmenet, I read a reply from Mr. Bakker in another section of the forum and he stated that it was an illusion. The synthese used a spell making Esmenet believe she was having sex. Just another way the synthese can obtain information. view post

When? posted 01 Feb 2008, 19:02 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]When? by Dexious, Candidate

Waiting patiently for The Great Ordeal. Just wondering if anyone has information on the release date. Thanks. view post

posted 09 Feb 2008, 20:02 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]When? by Dexious, Candidate

Much appreciated. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer. view post


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