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posted 27 Jan 2006, 12:01 in The Warrior ProphetA critique of the Warrior Prophet by heasy, Commoner

Im not gonna touch on wether this book is homoerotic or not. But your main critique about this book was pretty much spot on. I found myself skipping whole sentences where the protaganists were just relaying their thoughts on whole superior and perfect Kellhus was......yes we get the point! hes great! hes jesus christ for gods sake! lol. But i still enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the next one. By way great forum...only just found it. view post

Ichoroi? Nonmen? posted 27 Jan 2006, 13:01 in The Warrior ProphetIchoroi? Nonmen? by heasy, Commoner

Hi Sorry if this has already been answered. Throughout the first two books Bakker mentions the Inchoroi and the Nonmen...but im still not clued up to what or who they actually are.....and who's side their on. Im going from memory here, but im sure the nonmen were on the side of man in the first apocalypse, but at the end of the book they are in charge of the Srancs? These two peoples are obviously Bakkers substitute for the more commonly used elvish. Are these inchoroi and nonmen the same...but from different tribes or something.. also the battle in the first book between kellhus and the magical character on the horse (which got me hooked on the books...) who was he fighting?? cheers view post

posted 31 Jan 2006, 13:01 in The Warrior ProphetIchoroi? Nonmen? by heasy, Commoner

Thanks alot for that Twayleph. That answered everything :) After i posted this topic i searched a bit harder for similar topic, but nothing as clear. Now i cant wait for the 3rd book view post


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