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How about a movie about Prince of Nothing? posted 12 Jul 2007, 10:07 in Author Q & AHow about a movie about Prince of Nothing? by Balrog, Commoner

Hi ! I´m from germany and in the middle of TWP. I just love the books till here and although I know that it would be unbelievable difficult, I´m all the time, while reading, thinking about how great a movie of the books would be. of course there are so many things in the book you simply can´t bring into pictures, but still I think it would be just amazing, if the right director would be involved (Wachowsky Brothers? J.J. Abrahams, Christopher Nolan or maybe even David Lynch :lol: . Anyway my question is, if mr. bakker would like to see his books as a movietrologie or if he simply believes that wouldn´t work or they would be comercialized? Actually I´m allready thinking about my favorite cast :lol: . How about Brad Pitt as Kelhus, Chrsitan Bale as Cnaiür, Monica Bellucci as Esmenet, Jessica Alba as Serwe and maybe Bob Hoskins as Akka, but he might be a little bit to old. greetings Balrog view post


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