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posted 21 May 2006, 15:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Fate of Conphas by brandon, Candidate

i actually had a level of respect for conphas. although he didn't have the most likeable personality, at least he had the strengh of will to see through Kellhus. in the end only achamian could do that. view post

posted 21 May 2006, 15:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Future Dunyain of the Three Seas. by brandon, Candidate

As said, the dunyain have selectively bred for 2000 years. Through basic evolution that will result in a level of intelligence and motor skills that no world born person could come close to reaching. two people with an IQ of 300 will produce a far more intelligent child than one person with an IQ of 300 and one person with an IQ of 140 (figures pulled completely out of my arse, but u get the picture). so only a child of two dunyain parents has even the potentiall to become dunyain (with a hell of a lot of hardcore training). view post

nonmen posted 21 May 2006, 16:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughtnonmen by brandon, Candidate

one of the most interesting aspect of the PoN series (IMO) is the race of the nonmen. Do people think we will get to see a more general apearance of them. At this point it seems only a couple of nonmen as members of the consult will make an appearance in further novels, but their tragic history as witnessed in the apendixes really raises the level of interest and empathy towards this race and culture. I would love to see the last nonmen king or members of the race en masse. Its hard to tell how many even exist in the present. They still hold a kingdom, but could be fewer than a thousnad survivors. Any general oppinions/thoughts? The kinda make me think of the eldar in tolkiens writing. view post

human element in consult posted 25 May 2006, 16:05 in Author Q & Ahuman element in consult by brandon, Candidate

Hey Scott, just wondering... The consult originally surfaced out of the human gnostic school of the Mangaecca, but the leading figures of the consult thus far seen have been either inchoroi or nonmen. Does the human element in the consult (as far as a driving force or leadership) still exist? If so, how have they maintained this element (ie, do they function like the other schools and recruit members when young, 'cause this could pose conspicuousy problems)? view post

posted 18 Jul 2006, 16:07 in The Thousandfold Thoughtnonmen by brandon, Candidate

In terms of beauty, one could say a flower is beautiful, but that doesn't equate to human beauty. ie. the non-men are beautiful for certain traits (porcelain skin [like the sranc] and hairless bodies). This is not typically human characteristics of sexual attractiveness, but is still quite beautiful outside of our typical traits. view post

posted 29 Jul 2006, 06:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by brandon, Candidate

I think the only way the consult would know of the prophecy is if the mandate openly speaks of it. Otherwise, there is no reason why the consult would think to ask the mandate if they have any prophecies they might like to know about. on top of that, the consult work with science. i don't believe they would put any weight in a prophecy. view post

posted 29 Jul 2006, 06:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtHeresiarch of the Cishaurim by brandon, Candidate

No other words i can think of. In some ways the fanim are the christian type faith, but its followers and the majority of the followers of inrithism look the same, ie brown skin, black hair and dark eyes. They're the same race, different religion (and clothes). view post

posted 29 Jul 2006, 07:07 in Literature DiscussionFavorite books/series by brandon, Candidate

Ummmm Martin's 'a song of ice and fire' Tolkien- The sillmarillion, tLotR, unfinished tales and History of middle earth if u like the others Adams' Hitchikers guide series up to book 4 Hobbs' farseer and tawny man series (fools erand was the first book i really cried in!!!!!!!!!) and prob liveship series, but i haven't read it. Arthur c. Clarke's spaces oddysy and rama series, plus childhoods end. george orwell's 1984 view post

posted 29 Jul 2006, 07:07 in Author Q & AWill there be any sequels? by brandon, Candidate

I would imagine that what was essentially the back story and major sub plot in the prince of nothing books, will become the focus in the next series. view post

posted 28 Aug 2006, 15:08 in Author Q & ATTT paperback? by brandon, Candidate

last time i was in a bookstore i noticed TTT was now out in oversize paperback. looked good! like others, i have the first in regular paperback, second in oversize and third in hardcover. i think i'll try to get them all in hard. (when i have money :cry: ) view post

posted 28 Aug 2006, 15:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka the Anarchist by brandon, Candidate

It may not require healing their minds as such, but rather giving them an alternate path to memories. Most surviving non-men are able to do this by keeping busy, if kellhus compelled the eratics to fight against the consult, this would give them plenty of worthy oponents and clashes to remember. i'd never thought of this idea though. frankly though, i'm just excited to read any in depth plots concerning the non-men. it would be like reading about the elves in the LOTR, and then getting to read all about them in the Silmarillion (although obviously the next series will not deal with them as strongly) view post

posted 28 Aug 2006, 15:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe No-God by brandon, Candidate

I like to think of the no-god as anti-matter in relation to matter. he is a negative. hence like stated, being a negative of the outside or of a soul, births a born still because his presence forces a negative i.e. the lack of a soul. As such, it is a tool which the inchorai can further their own designs with, but isn't so much a positive, existent being. view post

posted 27 Dec 2006, 09:12 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by brandon, Candidate

i do not believe in any form of god, only science. my philosophy is basically that all religions exist in order to explain away the unknown, to limit the fear of death, and to enforce a moral code. view post

posted 27 Dec 2006, 09:12 in Author Q & AHierarchy of Ranks by brandon, Candidate

palatines and grandees are basically the same- high ranking nobles looking over large areas of land, an earl i think is a bit less powerful, but nonetheless another term for a nobleman. the padirajah would be the same as the monarch/kink/emporer, ect (so obviously the highest rank) a grandmaster can't really be compared because it isn't a land based rank. its just the head of an institution (like a religious order, a society, sorcery school, etc.) view post

posted 26 Apr 2007, 16:04 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Kellhus's State of Mind by brandon, Candidate

[quote="Incu-Pacifico":3ki6bi5c]Good point, Jamara. I'd completely forgotten about that passage. But still, given what we know about the Dunyain and their deceptiveness, it does call to question what their true state was at that time. It's hard for me to imagine them being truely desperate, though I guess it's possible that their philosopy wasn't as refined at that time.[/quote:3ki6bi5c] seriously. sometimes i think readers look far too much into things. at that time, the dunyain were predictably a minor order. what would be the purpose of bakker's initial descriptions at the start of the series of their destitude and self will. they eleiminated all evidence of sorcery conciously. they were destitute. they have have arrived at their present circumstance through 2000 years of selective breeding. somtime what is on the page is as given. view post


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