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Hierarchy of Ranks posted 23 May 2006, 21:05 in Author Q & AHierarchy of Ranks by Dragyn, Commoner

Hi Scott, I just finished reading PON and first wanted to say it is an excellent series, the best I've read in a long time. Love the characters, the world, and especially that you plan to write more! I was just curious, you use a lot of ranks in the book for the Inrithi, Fanim, Schools, etc-- like Palatine, Grandee, Earl, Padirajah, Grandmaster, etc. I was curious as to what is the order to these titles. Sorry if someone already asked or if I missed it in the index in TTT... view post

posted 24 May 2006, 21:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughthalloed hands by Dragyn, Commoner

Perhaps since the hands are what interact with the universe, having haloes around them signifies a divine action by the haloed person. Also, isn't "manipulation" derived from the words for hands-- and manipulate is definitely what Kellhus does. view post

posted 07 Jun 2006, 01:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by Dragyn, Commoner

Even if the "final swazond" Cnaiur made was to slit his own throat, what would stop the Consult from bringing him back as a skin-spy or some other Tekne creation? We already know they have amazing physical speed/power, so wouldn't that plus Cnaiur's natural abilities combine to form someone definitely fit to be a Consult General? Also, since Moenghus was what was basically Cnaiur's sole motivation, by killing him wouldn't Cnaiur become a "self-moving soul"? It's more likely the trauma and confusion would stay with and motivate him beyond Moenghus' death, but I like to think there'll be somebody out there to foil Kellhus' plans... view post

posted 08 Jun 2006, 16:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by Dragyn, Commoner

[quote="anor277":1j8ajvc6]He has knowledge (some) of Kellhus and Moenghus, but then so did Serwe and Esmenet and Achamian - Achamian might even give the Consult that knowledge [i:1j8ajvc6]gratis[/i:1j8ajvc6] now.[/quote:1j8ajvc6] Frankly, while I can see Achamian turning his back on his School, I can't imagine he would ever want to work with the Consult or knowingly help them in any way. Seswatha's Dreams, if nothing else, are his constant reminder of the unspeakable evil the Consult can work if they do succeed again. That sort of prejudice would be nigh-impossible to change, even if the Consult were openly working against Kellhus. To me, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" just doesn't seem to fit here. view post

posted 08 Jun 2006, 21:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by Dragyn, Commoner

Well, Seswatha was basically an unsung hero can we expect more of Achamian? view post

posted 18 Jun 2006, 16:06 in The Warrior ProphetA really silly observation from TDtCB about Cishaurim by Dragyn, Commoner

Perhaps the hounds could catch the Cishaurim hiding behind curtains or under tables or something...out of sight of the Scarlet Spires :P view post


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