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posted 24 Jun 2004, 09:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Title by Damaen, Candidate

Title i'd like to see: "From-head-to-computer-to-convienent-retail-location-in-under-a-year-but-still-of-great-quality." Then again i'd also accept "stop thinking of Akka's creepy doll as GingerBread Man from Shrek" but that can probably just fall into the preface or whatever. ;] view post

I have an illness posted 24 Jun 2004, 09:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionI have an illness by Damaen, Candidate

I bought Warrior Prophet at 4:30pm june 20th from work (Chapters/indigo = devil) and had it finished at 6am on the 22nd. I then read David Gemmell's "swords of night and day" in the morning and i just finished it. 2am on the 24th. Which is odd, cause i worked the 21st, i have friends and a girlfriend *gasp* and other hobbies. I still need to get out more. and read less. And stop working at a huge bookstore. maybe i'll take up heavy drinking. view post

posted 24 Jun 2004, 09:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Damaen, Candidate

I'm going to re-read george r r martin's Ice and Fire series, which im glad to see people have mentioned. probably the best of the "fantasy without stupid hobbits fighting orcs for a blonde with a name like "Everproud" or "Barbiehair" genre, into which i drop Bakker's series. I cant read books that would make people say "gee, gilbert, i wonder if Barbiehair would have won with +2 charisma. Lets play it out in our Game Den. Call da boyz." Bakker *probably* has better character development on a micro-managment level, something that dissapointed me in book2 (i did read WP in 2 days, tho, so...) but which astounded me in book1 (read it a few times... damn book delays and such). Bakker's character development made REAL people in book one. but Martin has CRAZY plots. You cant stop reading. In aSoIaF main characters were scythed down and you had no idea where the plot was going to go. I had the odd feeling that Akka wasnt going to get cut down in the middle of WP ala Robb, Eddard, Tywin, etc etc etc etc etc etc. ;] thread hijack? mayhaps. view post

posted 24 Jun 2004, 09:06 in The Warrior ProphetIt's Finally Here! by Damaen, Candidate

got it on 20th at work (chapters). had it read at 6am on the 22nd. Now i get to slap myself and wait 14 months for book 3. =] best idea in WP? The "GingerBread Man." read book, then watch shrek 1 or 2. you'll never read it the same again. view post

Scott's To Do List posted 24 Jun 2004, 09:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtScott's To Do List by Damaen, Candidate

-"accidentally" edit GRR Martin's Jaime Lannister into plot. "whoops." (just, you know, cause it'd be fun. I'll give you a cookie) -Have Akka slip, refer to creepy soul/doll/thing as "mr GingerBread Man from Shrek." -scourge the shire. nobody likes hobbits. - Start. Writing. Now. ;] view post

posted 25 Jun 2004, 07:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Damaen, Candidate

for some reason i didnt see it coming. I assumed the rest of the book/series would be told with Robb's war as a backdrop. Meh. Who knew? Oh, you did lol view post

posted 29 Jun 2004, 10:06 in Tour and Signing InformationChapters? by Damaen, Candidate

feel free to come by the chapters i work at in the lower mainland (british columbia). The place is a pit of dispair but I'll throw up some christmas lights and buy some cookies for you. view post

posted 30 Jun 2004, 11:06 in Tour and Signing InformationChapters? by Damaen, Candidate

lol i remember the tour. I was happily awaiting your signng/reading in the vancouver area but it was canceled. I think i actually spoke to one of your handlers in Calgary when you were there who, coincidentally, didnt intimidate easily ;] I did catch your radio interview, tho. I was tired so it went a little over my head, but at least i have the knowledge that the person writing one of my favorite series is at or above my intelectual level and not, say, Madonna pretending to be a writer. When customers ask for her books i cry. I try leaving them beside the Chronicles of Narnia but so far its Lowest Common Denominator 3 - Psuedo-Christian Dogma 0. Feel free to come to vancouver again, tho, and in place of a signature you can feel free to overview TTT - take all the time you need. =] view post

posted 30 Jun 2004, 11:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionAges by Damaen, Candidate

I just fell into the 23-29 age bracket.. 4hrs 15 minutes ago. happy New Age Bracket Day to meeeeeeeeeeee view post

posted 30 Jun 2004, 11:06 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by Damaen, Candidate

[quote:1u7dyvy5]The Sranc are some sort of race bred by the Inchoroi are they not? Regardless I think they are an offshoot of the No-God in one form or another so that would be a no-brainer. [/quote:1u7dyvy5] offshoot = related, albiet distantly? That would make me cry. If Scott is such a tolkien fan its more likely No-God = Sauron. To me this means "evil all powerful god-man who was beaten in the past but for some reason is undefeatable now." Following this line th eNo-God will loom in the distance but never pose any real threat. I prefer to think of the no-god as a seperate race/power all together. My hopes is that mr. Bakker dosent pull the Tolkien ending. i hate those books. Sauron gets ring, comes back, defeated by king, who melts ring. All the hobbits die. In closing: I hope is different and scary, that the No-God returns, is defeated, and that lots and LOTS of hobbits die. view post

posted 18 Jul 2004, 16:07 in Literature DiscussionA Game of Thrones by Damaen, Candidate

I think the theory was missed a litte. Lyana (sp) never ran away with rhaegar, but was held by him for a time and she was raped. Its in one of the books, i cant remember which. But your right: Jon probably is the bastard son of her and the prince and is the last targayen. Excuse my misspelling of ant GRRM names. I can re-read these, i think. I got so hopelesly addicted to the series i read them in about 2 days a book. its like Warrior prophet: i ha dth ebook finished about 27 hours or something after i purchased it. i HAD TO KNOW. sadly, the names of people in the battle who faught/died passed like a blur and im finding as i slowly read it again that its much better. i still think Scott could have included more backstory to the earles and thanes in the battles, tho. Sort of random names. digressions aside: AGOT amazing. WP better the second time, hopefully GRMM is as well view post

posted 21 Jul 2004, 22:07 in Literature DiscussionA Game of Thrones by Damaen, Candidate

Yea I'm actually not sure now. [quote:2pwmaxp9]Jon Snow's Mother I believe Jon Snow is not the son of Eddard Stark. I believe he is Eddard's nephew, the son of Lyanna. Ned never mentions her mother and he's always remembering a promise he made her. It's mostly assumed to be to bury her at Winterfell, but I don't think it ever specifically says so. On page 115 of Game of Thrones Ned is thinking that troubled sleep is no stranger to him. "He had lived his lies for fourteen years, yet they still haunted him at night." Now in this instance he had been talking about Lannisters, but the word lies seems to imply more than that. Jon is 14. I don't think that its a coincidence. More on Jon's Mother OK, I have a sneaking suspicion Jon is Lyanna's son, not Ned's. In fact, I'm almost certain. First, we have Ned's famous honour. Secondly, we have Ned going on about promises (note the plural - he didn't just promise to bury her in Winterfell) he made Lyanna when she was dying. He thinks about the price he has paid to keep those promises. Could the price be the hatred of Catelyn for Jon, and the widespread "knowledge" of the fact that his honour is not so strong as it seems, when in fact it is? Lyanna in her "bed of blood". She shouldn't be bleeding that badly if she died of a fever, as most people seem to think. Ned's refusal to name Jon's mother. The fact that Lyanna was raped by Rhaegar Targaryen. Aha, but was she? Nobody says anything about Lyanna loving Robert Baratheon. And Rhaegar died saying the name of the woman he loved. We haven't been told so far what her name was. Could have been Elia, but who knows? And the timeline is right. Rhaegar and Lyanna died sixteen years ago or thereabouts. Jon is sixteen or so, right? And then there's what Daenerys saw in Qarth, when she was in the palace of the Undead, or whatever they call themselves. She saw blue roses. That's Lyanna. Am I the only one who thinks Jon and Daenerys are going to end up together? Two Targaryens and all that....yes, I know he's part of the Night's Watch, but seeing what he is now (trying not to ruin it for others) could he not change things a bit? I found another piece of evidence that says Rhaegar loved Lyanna, not Elia. It's in a Storm of Swords, but I can't remember the page number. Our editions are different anyway. Somebody tells somebody else that Rhaegar crowned Lyanna Queen of Love and Beauty at the tourney in Harrenhal where Jaime Lannister got his white cloak. I mean, his own wife was there as well. That has to mean something. [/quote:2pwmaxp9] found here in conclusion: questionable facts > me view post

posted 22 Jul 2004, 05:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by Damaen, Candidate

Logic ala damaen. The consult has been built as the major antagonist of the two books thus far. While Fanimry has been the short goal, the long term goal seems to be the consult, as its being built up and built up all the time, and akka, kelhus, and possibly Moe (abv. for Kell's father) are tied to it. Moe is pulling Kell to him. I think its likely he played this to have Kell dominate and bring with him the Holy War. If Moe is or controls the Cisharim, and i find it likely, and we know the consult is the bad guy (because i need them to be for this) that means book 3 will see Moe and his Cisharum link with a kelhus led Holy War in a last minute attempt to defeat a discovered and horrible Consult threat. people in this thread asked why Moe would fight the Consult, and suggested that the COnsult saw him as a threat and started it. But that makes no sense. They've been hidden for so long and are supposidly so powerful that i dont see how 1 of the many factions alone could be considered a threat. Its more likely that Moe saw them and realized that the end of the world was probably not his best plans for the future and started stuff. I find it [b:3alkgymi]VERY VERY LIKELY[/b:3alkgymi] the assasinated GrandMaster of the Spires was skin-spy, and the consult took offence to this. Consult + Spires = horrible enemy, Moe denied this equation to start a war, bring his son and the war to him to fight the consult. i think thats basically going to be the overplot for book 3. if Kelhus can pretty much do as he pleases (which is boring and i hope there is a plot twist here) and Moe is supposidly stronger than he, the plot will be as i suggest simply because these characters are hereto infallible. but i could be wrong. view post

posted 22 Jul 2004, 20:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by Damaen, Candidate

Dammit. the Mark argument owned me. Another great late night argument down the drain. view post

posted 31 Jul 2004, 21:07 in Literature DiscussionDan Brown by Damaen, Candidate

the best part about the Da Vinci Code is that it is almost entirely plagerized. he completely ripped off another author. if i can find an article about it i'll post it here view post

Concerning Chapter Quotes posted 11 Aug 2004, 09:08 in Author Q & AConcerning Chapter Quotes by Damaen, Candidate

Scott. Mr Bakker. Fellow Canadian. SO i'm reading TWP again (reading it the first time in under 1 day helped me miss crucial plot points such as the fate of esmenet's daughter... how could i miss that? probably a 6am thing...) and its much better. But im coming to the same question i had during my far-too-many readings of TDTCB: Whats up with the quotes at the beginning of every chapter? Sometimes they kinda make sense with the chapter. Sometimes they seem like attempts to be philosophical for its own sake (which isnt an insult - they make th ebooks way better and i'd do it if i thought i could pull it off). My personal belief is that over your education youve just come to a lot of seemingly intelligent conclusions and have found a way to share them. I'm a history major at the Univ of BC, and i could probably farm as much insights from so.. many.. boreing..history lectures... Just curious if you had a plan or strategy behind these, some motive which im missing. i remember in book1 a quote from Achamians post-war history of the campaign really gave a lot away. Im far too tired to search it out, i hop eyou know what im referring to. Are you conciously putting these quotes in certain places for a reason? ".. and my soldiers, they say, make idols of their swords. But does not the sword make certain? Does not the sword make plain?..." etc etc. This is ch. 19, and easlyone of my favorites. Hope this wasnt covered elsewhere. -Damaen view post

posted 12 Aug 2004, 02:08 in Author Q & AConcerning Chapter Quotes by Damaen, Candidate

thanks, scott. i enjoy reading them before each chapter now. Its like a reading break. When i was reading the GRRM series i would see who the next chapter was from (character-wise) and have a literary panic attck and i just read and read and read. i almost NEEDED to know what was next and couldnt wait. Here i get to read the little quote, ponder it in my own way. Its like a game. a non-contact, slow, where-is-marcus-naslund-and-why-dont-we-get-jerseys sorta game. feel free to spend as muuuuuuch time on these as you want. unless that pushes back the release date of book 3. i'll go back to the Canucks and open my dictionary of quotations once per chapter. ;] view post

posted 17 Aug 2004, 08:08 in Author Q & AThe appearance of the Sranc? by Damaen, Candidate

this thread brings about a nice point. I'd love to see a time-line for everything the books discuss, from the battles of old to the end of thr first book. you know, im going to make a fan page. i have insane html skillz (i tell myself i do, so it must be true). maybe i'll do it. University isnt as all-encompasing as it used to be anyway lol. Damaen grants himself +4 geekiness view post

posted 27 Aug 2004, 23:08 in Literature DiscussionWhen do you think Martin's next book will be released? by Damaen, Candidate

i work at chapters. I laugh as i see the fake release dats on the computers and the 'pre-order' buttons. Then i laugh more as i see those same fake dates pushed back and back. in case your wondering, chapters knows that Feast will be out in september (was august)! pre-order yours NOW so you dont miss out! 39.99! ;] view post

posted 27 Aug 2004, 23:08 in Literature DiscussionProblems with Book Reviews by Damaen, Candidate

I dont bother with reviews anymore. I walk around work, often bored, and i pick up books that have interesting titles and covers. You can usually judge a book by its cover (seriously). Thats how i forund The Darkness that Comes Before. Granted i pick up LOTS of books, but meh. I read the inside jacket, that is all. I ignore theback review quotes for the same reason i ignore the reviews online: they are just windy attempts by critics to sound intellectual. I dont need to see a quote by Nora Roberts (shitty romance) on a new hardcover by JD ROBB (mystery, Robert's fake mystery name). Its al fake. People trying to push over themselves or themselves. granted im just talking about the lame 75% of reviews out there but othe rpeople's opinions dont mean anything. You'll have better luck at the amazon or chapters websites looking under the "customers who bought this book also bought.." area. sorry. sorta rambling ehre. view post

posted 28 Aug 2004, 07:08 in Literature DiscussionProblems with Book Reviews by Damaen, Candidate

bookstores are a great place to work. Plus you dont get the ratio of 3 insane teens : normal shoppers. I get the comparitivily intellectual crowd, whereas i can assume that working in a resteraunt or clothing store would suck. books for teh win!11 view post

posted 01 Sep 2004, 07:09 in Author Q & AConcerning Chapter Quotes by Damaen, Candidate

Ait, that was my concern as well. I was used to GRRM and major characters getting scythed down mid-story. The knowledge of how the trilogy is ending (you can make a lot of assumptions by akka writing a book for mass consumption) was dissapointing to me. I'd actually love to hear Scott's thoughts on that. *poke* oh, and let me solve problem #3 for you: its pronnounced "Zin" (Xin in the books, isnt it? the shorthand?). Im so very clever. view post

posted 05 Sep 2004, 08:09 in Author Q & AConcerning Chapter Quotes by Damaen, Candidate

what have you done to my thread! On the hand... [b:vrbrszuf]On TPON mirroring european culture/history[/b:vrbrszuf] [quote:vrbrszuf]I think some people may have their hackles up over the predicability. Also the "No clunky anthology of medieval Europe" review misleads readers. One expects something radically non-European and finds oneself in the middle of a medieval holy war against very Muslim-seeming people. I'm not saying that the TDTCB is not an original and well-written work, but I think some people may feel cheated when they read the high praise and then find themselves recognizing big chunks of the plot.[/quote:vrbrszuf] While there is nothing wrong with assimilating chunks of human/european/midieval history into fantasy. Fiction is still based on reality as we understand it, and while we can warp and add to it as much as we want in the end its just going to be an edited version of what we know. To write something wholly original you need to be either 1) popular before mass media became the norm and there were undiscovered areas of thought or 2) insane. And if the latter its just going to be unreadable, ala The House Of Leaves, which as a book makes no sense. if you know the book you'll understand - pages are blank, some have a few words, some are written in prose, as a dictionary, the word HOUSE is always blue... its just random. genious, perhaps, but insane. to try and tie this in... if Scott (i still dont like using his first name, Mr Bakker, or The Author - he sorta lives in limbo as reflected light on my screen) wants to mirror the crusades and build on that with a fantasy theme i am more than happy to pay for the trade paperbacks and tell my friends how amazing the books are. i've sold about 3 dozen at my store and i explain that its "tolkien but redable. Cultural relevance and NO POETRY." My store is filled with much less original works than this. The key here is that it has to be done WELL. i think it has been so far. Some argue here that they dislike the premise because they believe they know too much plot and that the ending can only go one way - the Holy War being successful. Fine. But thats one plot point amid SO MANY. There is enough going on here that this shouldnt be an issue. The charge of the author is to make a well thought out and well written story, which he has sofar done. Since 33% of the plot is still unreavealed its pretty ballsy to suggest that its going downhill or that you know whats going on. His job is to write a good plot and he is seemingly capable so i dont understand what all the fuss about the setting is about. your all going to feel pretty silly when you read in the conclusion how the Consult are defeated by invading flying-squirrel-like aliens bent on turning the tHree Seas into a multiplex. /rambling view post

posted 06 Sep 2004, 07:09 in Author Q & AConcerning Chapter Quotes by Damaen, Candidate

You didnt ruin my thread. My thread wouldnt go past one author response... [quote:2wmmwl1u]predictability is and isn't a valid complaint. It isn't because, we know the real plot is Kellhus and the Consult, and we still don't know how that will come out. But it is, because it sucks the interest out of the Holy War. We don't fret about the integrity of the Holy War, of its being co-opted by Xerius, being defeated by Skaurus and so forth. [/quote:2wmmwl1u] Im AMAZINGLY tired after setting up my GF's new DELL, watching it crumble in a saeries of strange errors. so im going to spell out my confusion in *hopefully* readable point form as much as for my ease as everyone elses. your quote suggests two plots: 1. Kelhus and the consult, and 2. the holy war. With the "Crusade" as the background/"plot-undermining" aspect of the trilogy (where is my damn'd third book) you think that the kelhus/consult angle is the only chance we have for excitement and plot, whereas the "crusade" is going to end with the holy war marching on and mirroring its non-fantasy counterpart. But why? My concern is this: we have a canadian author, who i'd never heard of and would never have read if Penguin didnt have a decent cover artist (cdn trade paperback, not gaudy paperback in the US) from the east coast (who cancels my local tours) who is infinetly more intelligent than me (i have my major in History completed, now killing time at UBC, give me some time). all of this stacks against him on a very weak but immediate level. then BOOM. i've read the first book 4 times before the second hits the shelf. he has created a (insert cliche metaphor here... tapestry.. weaving.. maybe a recipe or a work of art) world full of fun things that are creative and exciting. He gave me a wicked Inrau battle (that hand/blood/fire thing was insane). i REFUSE to believe that you have no faith that he can build a positive third book. nothing you have said or suggested with your statements suggests you know what is going to happen. The integrity of the War [i:2wmmwl1u]is[/i:2wmmwl1u] still in question. Xerius [i:2wmmwl1u]can[/i:2wmmwl1u] still take over. Skauras [i:2wmmwl1u]can[/i:2wmmwl1u] win. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. i can spend 10 minutes and come up with viable reasons/plot to fit any circumstance, crappy tho they would be. i fail to see, based on your statements, how anything is a given at this point. [quote:2wmmwl1u]"Reality as we understand it" and "european/medieval history" are two very different things[/quote:2wmmwl1u] bzzzt. lol same thing. by 'reality' i mean the world around us. Scott can only write about the world, but he can edit and tweak it. What i meant is that, like in math, rules apply, be it physics or whatever. There is a finite number of colors to paint with, no more. The First crusade, for exacmple, was an actual event, based in reality. It is not a fabrication, events played out as recorded. [quote:2wmmwl1u]fantasy is based in "european/medieval history" _as_ "we understand it," which may or may not have much relation to "reality" depending on whose version we are reading.[/quote:2wmmwl1u] That makes sense on a browse but seriously how can youi argue that? If i was a psychopath, and lets just pretend I'm not to make me happy (dont mess with psychopaths!) i would have issues with comprehending reality. I say psychopath because i have no understanding of the subject, so if im wrong insert the term for someone with perceptual issues. So, i'm all messed up and such, and i think that goblins exist - they're everywhere - they hunt me and keep SCott's next book from print. It woul dbe hard to argue my understanding of reality is as valid as that of a sane man. Recorded history and our understanding of europe and of the crusade is in NO WAY related to your understanding of it, or of other authors. My point is somewhat vague and broad here but your declaration that indevidual perception alters reality in a meaningful way is fun to argue. (ass-covering: yes, ad populus(sp), the majority is not always right, (ahah i can sound smart! ish.) but they usually are. play the odds, damaen! if 4billion ppl say that the recorded history of the first crusade happened one way it propably did). [quote:2wmmwl1u]My dislike of historical and cultural parallels stems from the fact that they can easily becomes a world-building shorthand [/quote:2wmmwl1u] Is it wrong to use Europe? What yoru really asking him to do is to is paint a Cambells soup can or one of those ugly neon maryln monroe multi-face paintings but do it c.1500. Fiction is based in reality, albiet a warped one, twisted by the author to fit his needs. Fantasy is a dream. When you dream are you a warrior, or a thief? maybe you are playing hockey? You just edit your memories, your beliefs, your understanding of the world. what you DONT dream is that you are a single micron of silicon filiment in a processor devoid of thought, or some equally unexpressionable abstract that no one has heard of or can explain. authors build on pre-exisiting knowledge. JRRT had ogres. fine. so did beowulf. but then so did greek mythology. im going to stop now. Im not sure if that made any sense, and im not sur eif it sounds bitter because i tend to writ ethat way when i take a stand on a point.. But, i do know that i have a World Of Warcraft beta account and a level 5 Mage named Achamian. And, until Scott emails blizard and argues copyright law, im going to go hunt computer controlled critters till i pass out. <3 Scott. view post

Autographed editions posted 06 Sep 2004, 08:09 in Author Q &amp; AAutographed editions by Damaen, Candidate

I ask this with the assumption that you arent coming to vancouver, BC, any time soon. How do i go about getting a signed copy of your book(s)? i have the Trade Paper editions of both. I'd love the first (PON) signed. Well, both in a perfect world. I would have come to your signing here but, again (i like mentioning this.. guilt sometimes gets me results, you see.) you canceled lol. I'm willing to send you my copy with extra postage. I'm willing to buy another copy thats signed from you. GRRM has a buy-from-me thing set up, but i dont think you do. also - and this is key - if you do sell autographed copies, did you by chance have a few dozen copies printed in hard cover? vanity-like? You can tell Damaen... view post

posted 07 Sep 2004, 03:09 in Author Q &amp; AConcerning Chapter Quotes by Damaen, Candidate

lol i overinterpreted on a previously unheard of level. it was fun. i regret nothing! its amazing the extremes you can go to when you tear someones casual rsponse apart sentence by sentence. ;] view post

posted 07 Sep 2004, 03:09 in Author Q &amp; AAutographed editions by Damaen, Candidate

fine! lol i'l give you 18 months. 18! and if your not tired of my sad attempts to sound intelectual on these boards by then i'll show up anywhere i can reasonably get to. and i wont even show up in a huge "I <3 Scott" shirt and say "hey, scott! its me Damaen! D - A - M - A - E - N! from the forums! remember me? remember all the fun times we had! do ya huh do ya!?" view post

posted 07 Sep 2004, 07:09 in Author Q &amp; AConcerning Chapter Quotes by Damaen, Candidate

lol by 'tearing' i meant in a 'i was tired and went sentence by sentence, friendly-like' sorta way. its all good natured. view post

posted 14 Sep 2004, 16:09 in Literature DiscussionWhen do you think Martin's next book will be released? by Damaen, Candidate

sarcasm. it was clever. see? =[ drosdelnoch.. The fortress where Druss the Legend fought? Ah, such a good series.. such a good name. oddly, if anyone bought Hedge Knight, the 6 comic series in trade paper that came out last month, it has an advertisemrnt for FEAST that says november. grrm says he is pretty close to completing it on his website. but i doubt nov. view post

posted 17 Sep 2004, 02:09 in Literature DiscussionWhen do you think Martin's next book will be released? by Damaen, Candidate

on the GRRM discussion... i was looking around websites/forums because you guys got me thinking about it again.. apparently george hinted at "3 dragons" that are returning. Danaerys (sp) is obviously 1. Jon Snow is most likely 2. who will ride the third dragon? the prevailing thoughts include one of the babies not being killed by Clegane or tyrion (hah). the maester on the wall is too old. neat. view post

&quot;burning&quot; TWP (amazon review) posted 14 Oct 2004, 19:10 in The Warrior Prophet&quot;burning&quot; TWP (amazon review) by Damaen, Candidate

Greatest. Post. Ever. I laughed so hard when i read scott's announcment thread. [quote:2oawcwv9]There was no trace of humanity, kindness, love or hope in the book. He decribed a hell. ie. creatures having sex with dead things, unimaginable torture, sickness and disease, starvation, disloyalty among comrades and on and on. Every women character was depicted as a "concubine" or "powerless, coniving bitch", and they were always crying after the men that raped and used them. So awful.[/quote:2oawcwv9] That is a really well written rant with absolutley no basis in reality - always my favorite kind of tantrum. view post

posted 21 Nov 2004, 15:11 in Author Q &amp; AThis time I got a question... by Damaen, Candidate

No, no, dont you see, Scott? There isnt room beside such Bestsellers and obvious classics as "Shes Just Not That Into You," oprah's latest choice in random fiction (thanks, oprah), Shopoholic's Sister, etc perhaps if you explain to the publishers that your novels are Chic Lit? ;] if it makes you feel any better ive mailed 3 copies of Darkness to friends inthe US already. Damaen Press Int. We have distribution issues at the moment but are really looking forward to the 3rd quarter. view post

posted 23 Nov 2004, 16:11 in Author Q &amp; AThis time I got a question... by Damaen, Candidate

you know, its wierd. I had a friend come into the stor ethe other day to buy a book. He wanted Darkness, but he saw that we had returned all the trade paper copies and he refused to buy mass market paperback, so he bough Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell instead. canada like to flaunt the money i guess. Poor, economically downturned america. view post


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