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posted 10 Sep 2007, 04:09 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka by Brienne of Tarth, Commoner

I'm in the beginning (ish) of TTT and I really just wish Akka would just get over Esmi. I despise Esmi in this book. Akka should have some pride. If he had any pride, he'd be cold and ignore her like she deserves, and keep his dignity in tact. Instead, she keeps spurning him - actually pitying him! Who is she to pity him? She ought to be pitying herself. Sorry. I just feel upset about it...he deserves better. And he ought to have some pride. He's giving her opportunities to think he's weaker than he really is. Her ignorance is galling, because I'd like to see Esmenet survive Seswatha's Dreams and still deal with the hardships of daily life, which includes whore-wives betraying you. I hope Achamian gets over her. The way he makes a fool of himself over her is kind of pathetic. I'm still in the beginning, so I hope I things change. view post


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