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posted 10 Sep 2007, 04:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionYour First Time by seaflower, Commoner

When I was younger I read a historical novel about the experiences of a King's Daughter in the fur trader days of Quebec (Can you tell I am Canadian?) But one book that shook me to the core as an adult was, Mist of Avalon. Highly detailed, strong characters that seem to break from the pages and a story that explored a long range of ideas and emotions in one tome. I love you Marion Zimmer Bradley. view post

posted 10 Sep 2007, 05:09 in Literature Discussiongreat reads in fantasy? by seaflower, Commoner

I would say that Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series and the Mists of Avalon are a sublime. view post

posted 10 Sep 2007, 06:09 in Literature DiscussionWhat subgroup of speculative fiction do you prefer? by seaflower, Commoner

When I was younger I was a whore for the sword and sorcery genre. But a great blood letting happen after I open myself to Japanese literature and urban magical realism. But The Prince of Nothing series has help me return to fantasy. view post


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